[HD] 091022 Apple is A – Tiara


This is too cute! The commercial for Apple is adorable, especially JiYeon. It’s too bad we don’t get to see much of the other girls (especially EunJung *hmph*) But I love this song already! JiYeon sounds so mature and if I may say… ‘hot’. I really hopes they include this in their upcoming album.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

This video shows you how to insert the SIM card into the Apple iPhone 4. Directions: 1) Locate the MicroSIM Slot 2) Use the iclip (or paperclip if you don’t have one) align the point with the pinhole 3) Push in until the tray slide out 4) Remove the tray and fit the microsim card into it 5) Align the two pin holes and reinsert the tray into the phone 6) Press the tray into the phone and that’s it! =) If you liked this video please subscribe to our channel for newly added videos every week. You can also visit our website www.howtechs.com to be part of our community.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


50 Responses to [HD] 091022 Apple is A – Tiara

  1. thienoklong says:

    i love tara

  2. rjh7293 says:


  3. MsMallyBZ says:

    @Adelare94 they didn’y perform it
    they didn’t sing
    the music speaker sang

  4. MsMallyBZ says:

    @Angee112 they didn’t sing

  5. Angee112 says:

    I do not understand!

  6. MsMallyBZ says:

    haha ! Lipsync

  7. Angee112 says:

    As is cute:)

  8. Angee112 says:

    and I imagined it always changes will look nice the color is black and long is not like that wig.
    As is cute:)

  9. 10040630 says:

    @Angee112 the girl with hair dyed golden

  10. Angee112 says:

    Jiyeon who is all …

  11. Angee112 says:

    what language you speak do not understand you! I speak English

  12. Angee112 says:

    ok describe everything about the girls do not understand that you reach, look I really love the t-ara is currently not the same is what truly bothers me to change both girls

  13. a1969 says:

    i love hyomin ‘s blue skirt,Q~~

  14. fvmjnhwt says:

    @Jna520 Please speak English, not Vietnamese.

  15. Jna520 says:

    haha….người ta hát nhép thì mình nói là hát nhép… liên quan ji` đến mồ mã nhà mấy bạn mà vừa sủa vừa gáy vậy nhỉ….nhìn thì ai chẳng biết là hát nhép….vãi đạn….. mình cũng k nói nhiều vs mấy người thiếu văn hóa như mấy bạn……!!!

  16. looty108 says:

    blonde haired girl singing at 0:40 – Jiyeon (main dancer, vocalist, visual, maknae)
    girl in blue skirt singing at 2:55 – Hyomin (current third leader, lead vocalist, lead rapper)
    chic-looking short haired girl rapping at 1:38 – Eunjung (first leader, lead vocalist, lead rapper, lead dancer)
    red haired girl singing at 1:00 – Soyeon (future fourth leader, main vocalist)
    shortest girl, furthest from camera during 1″08 – Boram (second leader, vocalist, oldest)
    girl in yellow skirt - Qri (vocalist)

  17. looty108 says:

    @theaterhobo Boram… SHe’s the oldest in T-ara, but she looks like the youngest… hahas:D

  18. sweetcris15 says:

    @Myumeful Its qri

  19. Myumeful says:

    Who’s the one with the yellow dress?

  20. Myumeful says:

    Who’s the one with the yellow dress?

  21. Myumeful says:

    Who’s the one with the yellow dress?

  22. EunGunUt says:

    t-ara lip

  23. Angee112 says:

    name of each?

  24. Angee112 says:

    la mas pequenita?the very least that?

  25. theaterhobo says:

    Who is the shortest one all the way to the left?

  26. thunderbolt997 says:

    e du svänsk ?

  27. FuckAduck4Luck says:

    I just got my phone, but guess what.. HEY, I can’t put the simcard inside of it because it has the most stupid way of get it open!!! FUCK!

  28. hardcorematt989 says:

    @SL4GW4GG3N thats what she said

  29. Ignitus4Life says:


  30. quinlanmick9 says:

    why the fuck are iphones so bloody arkward?

  31. CrispRaman says:

    @Silvermoth2 you can afford an iphone but not paperclips?????

  32. kotoroshinoto says:

    My paperclips are too fucking big.

  33. spex290 says:

    LOL how stupid are peapole! 1 109 491p cant Insert a sim card into a iphone..

  34. mrDuckWorth88 says:

    @Silvermoth2 Apple sell paper clips for 29.99!

  35. Ecohemp says:

    what a bright idea, they should also make and IPin tool for that

    piece of crap

  36. airborne101st45 says:

    Wow. Only a very stupid person would need a tutorial on how to PUT A FUCKING SIM CARD INSIDE A FUCKING IPHONE! If you can’t figure it out then I really don’t know how you are gonna figure out how to use it.

  37. MrNDUDE16 says:

    If your phone don’t have this it’s a fake

  38. TheHappyBallerina says:

    @skanesvarstalinus if you dont have a micro sim card you cant put it in your iphone because it wont fit in, you need it

  39. easybreezylove says:

    Thank you :)

  40. dyansky says:

    @TheMrSacrey me too! :)

  41. pathemus says:

    whoa whoa whoa mine doesn’t have a slot like this.

  42. TheMrSacrey says:

    the earring worked best for me! :D

  43. skanesvarstalinus says:

    what id you dont have a micro simcard? :P

  44. skanesvarstalinus says:

    woho so you need a micro sim card…. that is like erm fuck up? :P

  45. frida1795 says:

    fuck that cheesy music

  46. liiqweed says:

    nanotechnology my ass

  47. lasereye99 says:

    @AylaEiken then you havent got an iphone

  48. ToXiCScOpEd says:

    Dad was telling me if i didnt open it fast he was ganna through it through the window…

  49. Reginee5 says:

    THANK YOU! :D I was like trying to dig it open, lol.

  50. TheWk112 says:

    thx very good

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