Gizmo – Apple’s New iPods Unveiled


Facetime, Retina Display, Touch Screen Nanos, its all here! Check out the brand new line up of iPods from Apple. No longer do you need an iPhone 4 to have Facetime with your family and friends, check out the first look. iPod Touch 8GB – 9 32GB – 9 64GB – 9 iPod Nano 8GB – 9 16GB 9 iPod Shuffle (Comes In 5 Colors) 2GB –
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5 Responses to Gizmo – Apple’s New iPods Unveiled

  1. crazybkw1989 says:

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  2. Xer0MachinE says:

    I think I am. Thats a slick little device imo.

  3. DerpPickle says:

    It looks like all of it is crap. Zune did this years ago.

  4. beatear says:

    the new nano seems cool…. if its not to much i might buy one

  5. ItsOnBTV says:

    So who is buying the new Nano? Anyone notice that they removed the camera from it, that crappy camera…

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