Galaxy S II vs. iPhone 4


In this video we put the Samsung Galaxy S 2 up against the iPhone 4! In terms of price, the iPhone 4 is currently a much better value: it’s priced at 0 and 0 for 16GB and 32GB versions, respectively. The Galaxy S 2 costs over 0 unlocked right now, but is likely to come down in price once it’s available on a carrier. In terms of build quality, the iPhone 4 is superior because it makes use of metal and glass, while the Galaxy S 2 is plastic and glass.

Both have a high quality feel in-hand. The screen of the Galaxy S 2 provides better contrast, but not as good of a viewing angle as the iPhone 4. We also found colors to be a bit more natural on the iPhone 4. In terms of web browsing speed, it’s no contest: the dual 1.2GHz Exynos CPU and the 1GB of RAM makes the Galaxy S 2 very quick when browsing the web.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


25 Responses to Galaxy S II vs. iPhone 4

  1. nenutil says:

    00:28 WHAT?? Samsung is expanzive? In Czech Republic itr price of Samsung galaxy II 12000kč (507 USD ) and Iphone 4 18000kč (913 USD) Samsung its CHEAP!!!

  2. Motorbreath0007 says:

    good review thank you !

  3. kawatzaki says:

    4:57 FINALLY!!!!

  4. kawatzaki says:

    c’mon fucking youtube gray-bar, i want to fucking fast foweard his nerdy’ gay voice!! and see the damn review!!!

  5. Dramzul says:

    @MrAlvarobricio how did you ever found that out, sherlock?

  6. callofdutyman56 says:

    Thumbs up for Samsung Galaxy S2

  7. Djcamposmora says:

    Ios have more best quality apps than android

  8. Djcamposmora says:

    You show a picture from Costa Rica that country is awsome

  9. Djcamposmora says:

    Iphone rocks with ios 5 and i thing that the samsung cant not be upgrade to 4.0

  10. jokkeje says:

    @BreatheParadise Are thy angered, brethren?

  11. tacos0816 says:

    lets face it: Android will kill ios just like ios killed bbos…

  12. TheIndudey360 says:

    Of course samsung galaxy s2 now….wait for it iPhone 5 there it is!!…..,WINNING!!

  13. shortway444 says:

    i4s or galaxy 2?

  14. TheFatal05 says:

    @ThePhilipone your choice is a matter of stupidity, stop acting like a moron, look at facts then base ur choice.

  15. MrKepkep69 says:

    iphone all the way !!!!!

  16. BreatheParadise says:

    fucking dumbs turn the iPhone backlight up and the white will be the same dipshit

  17. xerxes1243 says:

    Samsung Galaxy Is MOST BETTER

  18. ThePhilipone says:

    Well i agree…the samsung has better specs…bigger screen etc but i wouldn’t trade my iphone4 for it. It’s a matter of choice

  19. js381970 says:

    iPhone působí jako pravěk, Galaxy S II , mám půl roku a nedám na něj dopustit

  20. qwertybnable says:

    iphone 4 dont have dual-core, just cause that, s2 is very best

  21. Zackdroid says:

    You put a pic of Edward Cullen jajaja so bad man

  22. Sholaye12 says:

    LOL the iphone 4s came out and it still isnt as gud as the S2!!!!! HAHAHAHAH BITCHES

  23. anonymousdude546 says:

    @sofiagece hah. if you drop the iPhone 4 it shatters. unless you wanna cover up your phone with a clunky case…

  24. XTreemMan1 says:

    And the winner is….. Samsung Galaxy SII !!!!

  25. madedownunder says:

    @TheMendozabradley Made in the USA??? are you joking? it’s made in China. Spec wise the Samsung is far superior. Also a lot of the hardware used for iphones is made by Samsung.

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