Galaxy Nexus vs iPhone 4S – Browser Speed Comparison




25 Responses to Galaxy Nexus vs iPhone 4S – Browser Speed Comparison

  1. ray1965mission says:

    Let’s be serious here the iphone 4 or 4s is NO MATCH for the Galaxy Nexus plain and simple. Your review is great and it’s appreciated to be able to come here and watch these comparisons. The iphone in my world is WAY PAST it’s prime and has been past long ago by the likes of the EVO 4G, EVO 3D, SENSATION, ATRIX 4G, PHOTON 4G, REZOUND, RAZR, AMAZE 4G, GALAXY S2, GALAXY S SKYROCKET, HTC VIVID, and now the GALAXY NEXUS as well as the GALAXY NOTE. The iphone is a great music player made out of glass

  2. bosonoso says:

    ….. Comparison sucks.. Thanks for the vid anyways
    WAit UNTILL THE •IPHONE 5• is out and then make a comparison.. That if u can see “galaxy is sold “…
    Samsung fans freaks!
    Galaxy is IPHONE WANA BE!

  3. yashmehrotra0 says:

    Note when he is in the app switcher at 1:30!

  4. yashmehrotra0 says:


  5. TheNewCod says:

    i want an ice cream sandwich

  6. verizonphoner says:

    You know I want to lke the iPhone every time I see it. You know tons of great Apps, iTunes… But to view and do all that stuff I have to look at the same old tiny ass 3.5inch screen..! So I’m going to have to pick up the Nexus for sure!

  7. acai5000 says:

    Since I seen that clip, that’s what I was led to believe being he said Google has told them its not “closing the app” (which essentially means killing the app).And Google has been against task killers from the start so it wouldn’t make sense that they’d include one by default in ICS. So who knows..

  8. zollotech says:

    @acai5000 thanks for the link and info. I will check into it and correct it in the next video.

  9. kahuna3901 says:

    why do people care about which is better? if you like something then why would you expect others to like he same, why does it make a difference that other people like something different. seriously if you all sat back and read your comments you would see how mature you really are

  10. MrNinjaboy01 says:


  11. zollotech says:

    @offmains I think they call it chrome just like the pc

  12. offmains says:

    What browser are you using on the Galaxy?. like for like would be using Safari!

  13. csoul7811 says:

    @csoul7811 btw, I am sorry if I was offensive, I meant nothing negative towards midgets, nor smaller girls- I like smaller girls anyways lol.

  14. csoul7811 says:

    @TINBITZPHAM i do know how to spell, I just didn’t spell check my comment before sending it, honest mistake that’ll i’ll be more aware of. My simple point was that it’s crazy to think the iphone is big lol, it’s not, it’s standard for older phones and small in contrast with newer ones, smartphone wise that is. As for my bitchiness, I didn’t intend to be a bitch at all, and don’t mind you having opinions, even if I consider them wrong or ignorant

  15. TINBITZPHAM says:

    @csoul7811 Um I’m a girl with small hands. It doesn’t mean that I’m short if I think the phone is big. It’s not like the iPhone is small, when you put it in your pocket theres always a big bulge, imagine putting this in your pocket. Learn how to spell before you reply to anyones comment and you don’t have to be a bitch over someones preference and opinion.

  16. tattooedchick24 says:

    I was wondering if webpages on the Nexus always load the mobile version or is there a way to deactivate the setting.

  17. Debomb719 says:

    @zollotech can u do a video about the battery.

  18. csoul7811 says:

    @zollotech ok, ty for the clarification-

  19. zollotech says:

    @csoul7811 the multitasking app is to have it run in the background to do some function it has. The app manager lets you fully close them. 

  20. csoul7811 says:

    @TINBITZPHAM you thought the iphone was big lol? Are you a 4’10 underaged girl ? That and midhets would be the only two typs of people that would consider an iphone big

  21. csoul7811 says:

    @owlcitybelanova1 give it up fanboy, they’re both great phones. I loooove android, but I give credit where credit’s due, and iphones are great phones. You apple fanboys though get ridiculous, and won’t say anything positive about windows phone or android, because they’re not iphone, that’s idiotic

  22. csoul7811 says:

    @zollotech so I don’t understand what the multitasking apps is for, just to close apps only to have them reopen again as was the case with most task killers on android? I want an easier option to forcestop the applications as one finds int he settings, where the app is then truly closed, because it doesn’t reopen until you choose so by opening it up yourself

  23. csoul7811 says:

    @Sleepy1026 it probably does, as I’ve seen a few youtube videos that show a movie being played using the whole screen, including the part where the home and back and task closer buttons are

  24. Sleepy1026 says:

    i want to see a movie on the nexus and find out if it takes up the whole screen

  25. MrMaruster says:

    @MetallicaKevin2495 Black bar is only near the front camera for the white iphone 4s. Get your facts right.

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