First look at Bane, Muppets & Sharks in 3D = Bikinis? – Film State




25 Responses to First look at Bane, Muppets & Sharks in 3D = Bikinis? – Film State

  1. junickfilms says:

    The picture of Bane has been out for a while.

  2. joshcookify says:

    Why does Francis Lawrence look like Bradley Cooper in aging make-up at 15:31?

  3. JohnJ512 says:

    Top 4 LED Flashlight, Shark Eyes Killer; (Like Sunlight)

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  4. MegaVamp88 says:

    Shark night and x-men first class sucked

  5. jrpg0630 says:

    The acting was terrible terrible terrible in Shark Night 3D

  6. roh423 says:


  7. MrIpodtouchey says:

    why dont they just leave the lake and go somewhere else lol

  8. villen86 says:

    @CoolMac2008 I just knew soon as i saw him he was marked for death. First to die is just a slap in the face, at least make him third to die.

  9. JonorCamesStudios says:

    New news bruce campbell is casted as oz

  10. TheWorx101 says:


  11. Nercrophage says:

    @EndangeredThoughts I had mixed feelings, i mean they got an excellent peter parker, the first movie was good, but venom was awful, and honestly i waited for that for a long time, venom is my favorite spider man villain, him and doc ock, and doc ock wasn’t very good either in my honest opinion, but again, just opinion.

  12. thingy56 says:

    South Florida? Jeezuss

  13. boalohanuiloa2 says:

    funny it’s called shark night but most of it is in broad day? lol. and bane looks small. Should have gotten Brock Lesnar. haha. kidding.

  14. MasterCharlz says:

    donald glover? awesome!

  15. MrTjAwsome says:

    @CoolMac2008 why are there barely hispanics? its hollywood.

  16. CoolMac2008 says:

    maaan why da black guys always gotta die first?

  17. MrJellyconelly says:

    i feel like the first spiderman movie was good. i kind of liked the second one a little less. then, they just ruined the third movie with all those mushi mushi mary jane scenes

  18. thatguyplayinguitar says:

    Joseph gordon-levitt is your man crush? Ryan is my man-crush lol

  19. Islandfilmer18 says:

    I WONT WATCH IT IF JJ ABRHAMS DOES NOT DIRECT IT………..Unless Steven Spielberg takes the up the project. :)

  20. JediMasteKnuzzles says:

    so Shark Night is like Jaws, but with teenagers? and most likely not as good?

  21. Hhound says:

    dude.. did you hit some meth b4 filming or did you 2x your audio in post? lay off the caffeine, relax and give us your movie thoughts.

  22. benjaminleo21 says:

    Awesome Flick

    Go Wàtch It

    In My Profilè

  23. TheRain911 says:

    30:00 awsome song

  24. briannaa34 says:

    OMG! Totally Loved It.

    Wâtch It

    In My Profilé

  25. Tand0oriCh1cken says:

    Could someone tell what the name of that song is @ 9:55 I forget.

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