Family Apple


At the Apple Store With My Family

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  1. lettmecaddy says:

    That is too funny! I am not laughing at you Ashley, I am definitely laughing with you! Thanks Jody for sending me the link. I will be that way soon FOR SURE!

  2. JimmyUrineLovr says:

    @evilkittymewmew Me too.

  3. evilkittymewmew says:

    I’m Agnostic…I feel like a minority.

  4. Theedrumguy1000 says:

    your sister is pretty (:

  5. DaMooseRules says:

    Is that at bridge street in Huntsville? Lol I love bama :)

  6. FredWeasleyRox says:

    I ve been to that same apple store! Silly Huntsville

  7. stickinss says:

    you are such a cool brother

  8. ShiPshapeD00d says:

    @swiftkaratechop Im from Bama too, is that apple store the one at the Sumit? jw.

  9. WhyAmIOnTheRoof says:

    O.O…………I Like Jesus ^_^ XDDDD

  10. darklancer59 says:

    ur entire family have like.. the comedy gene even ur dad.

  11. Dusya09 says:

    you are so cute :D

  12. TheKerli22 says:

    ur hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot

  13. alyjae36 says:

    lol sooooooooooooooo,i read “apple store”
    and you know expected,
    red,green and other colored apples to be surrounding
    then,i seen computers annnd it clicked:)

  14. jaypark97 says:

    @yuli24roxsoul IT’S AN ALOHA SHIRT

  15. Punkrockpixie95 says:

    Haha Your Dad -saunters up- ‘Hai’ -walks away. Amazin’

  16. angieXmcr says:

    This is so funny.

  17. lenobaleno says:

    your sister is hot

  18. grif131 says:

    @grif131 sister lol idk where swifter came from lol

  19. grif131 says:

    your swifter is hawt

  20. molly13bored says:


  21. Grrrstin says:

    you sound exactly like your dad.

  22. SuperRainbowbright says:


  23. Mawok666 says:

    Happy Birthday to your sister :D

  24. xVANAmania says:

    If only my brothers were as awesome and as nice as you are Matt LOL!

  25. Girliemeltem says:

    Happy birthday!

  26. Lucythelu says:

    Is the ant that fat , that’s why the apple fell ? :P

  27. Moraly100 says:

    This is a wonderful way to teach your child the alphabet. I cant wait to get a personalized video for my son and his friends!

  28. AshleyLCTV says:

    Pretty good illustrations.

  29. watchumeen says:

    What a great gift idea! I give these to all my friends. They love it!

  30. sumanvalusa says:

    Impressed with ABC personalized songs…

  31. Hemilin26 says:

    No, no,  A is for dog ¬¬

  32. allstarz35 says:

    Wat the fuck is this shit?

  33. jennatwiman says:

    lovely, thank you for the share.. :)

  34. TriptychVNS says:

    what a creative way to teach the alphabet! thank you for posting it!

  35. foolingling says:

    Loved the creative story telling involving A-words :D

  36. 6034ADARSH says:

    great beginning !!

  37. thegooglingg says:

    “ME”? Are you a boy? Your voiceover should be from a boy. Quite confusing to a child. The video otherwise would be perfect!

  38. RGA54ETYHA5YH says:

    how the hell did that ant made the the apple fall? its not possible

  39. joseakadaman says:

    you know what they say luigi.

  40. McGoatish says:

    That child has the voice of a 30 year old woman… 0.o

  41. cksoms says:

    Great concept

  42. queenofwolung says:

    This is so cute and a great learning vid!!!

  43. karenung77 says:

    the customization is so cute! can’t wait to order this for my niece!

  44. yvonne91705 says:


  45. Tinna998 says:


  46. TonyEternity says:

    0:27-0:40 lol

  47. thebunsters1 says:

    an ant cant make an apple fall from a tree

  48. kontil07 says:

    very creative. love it.

  49. lbangangba says:


  50. VideoGameSoundtracks says:

    Troll face @ 0:58 XD

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