Fake Apple Store


A brief visit to one of the most famous Apple Stores in the world, which isn’t really isn’t an Apple Store, filmed on July 22, 2011 with the help of my MacBook. Music courtesy of Raderman’s and Beckerman’s Orchestra “Eyropeyishe Kolomeyke” (early 20th century). For more info, visit birdabroad.wordpress.com.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

LIVE VIDEO: cnettv.cnet.com Steve Jobs has stepped down and Tim Cook is the new CEO. So, what’s coming down the product pipeline for Apple?


25 Responses to Fake Apple Store

  1. mikescottmccoy says:

    to bad he had to die

  2. missinanaheim says:

    he was a visionary & we will miss him & his mind that has made the best inventions of our time mainly the technology that he has made possible.
    Steve Jobs 1955-2011

  3. killyoulikeapig says:

    Fry rice

  4. JoJoDominique says:

    I new he was gay :/

  5. lrcdert2010 says:


  6. 1stkorean says:

    @elamorro YES he is very sick from a third round of Cancer. He has lost about 30-40 lbs this year alone.

  7. Lammetjonsson says:

    The comments are full of Apple slaves.

  8. abobeck says:

    Thumbs up if you cried when you found out Steve resigned

  9. penahect says:

    give it up to steve jobs by liking this!! :D

  10. visiondigital2009 says:


  11. SchwinSuthisuvann says:

    A living Legend

  12. karttikeya1267 says:

    Too dramatic mann….. :P

  13. spirit1990breaker says:

    i wish his successor is much better then him if not apple will say goodbye soon,,,,

  14. AppleTechWiz says:

    We, as a family will forever miss Steve Jobs who changed our lives <3

  15. 0501701 says:

    Where did he find that pic of steve at 0:28 ?

  16. mfot2 says:

    i thought this was about steve jobs? Not you !

  17. ybkraven says:


  18. gothikgamer says:

    @effahthebest true.

  19. gothikgamer says:

    @goodboysfollowrules why? homophobic? ahahahah xD

  20. doomtomb3 says:

    Brian Tong is definitely homosexual

  21. adronos says:

    He is the DaVinci of our time

  22. effahthebest says:

    deep inside, everyone is an apple fanboy

  23. LordHardcoreChicken says:

    Steve and Apple stole the GUI from Xerox. Not to take away from other innovations, but one of the biggest ones was in fact stolen.

  24. saxomophone93 says:

    @sturgis7777 what the fuck is wrong with u u racist bastard. I would beat the shit out of you if your faggot ass stopped being a pussy from behind your little computer. BITCH

  25. briantong says:

    @sturgis7777 You need a hug don’t you.

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