Crazy iPhone 4S line in Hong Kong




25 Responses to Crazy iPhone 4S line in Hong Kong

  1. tomnguyen2311 says:

    @TheeAgile1 it’s juz the Singapore version of Siri

  2. TheeAgile1 says:

    @mahimahimindy I should probaly watched the video first

  3. meganorbert13 says:

    want 4S? try giveaway on

    hurry up!!

  4. justdom72 says:

    there should be pinoy version too xD.
    pare wala kang load. xD

  5. maxMODmin says:

    no matter how many times i listened, i still LOLed!!!

  6. jasminenomz says:

    SIMI: “I’m glad im a phone. How can you all tahan live in this kind of crowded place? Some more got so many bangala and PRC come and take your job and make your MRT so crowded? Migrate better la!” (Y)

  7. mahimahimindy says:

    @TheeAgile1 this is the parody

  8. kangjj1 says:

    @TheeAgile1 SIMI means ‘what?’ in hokkien

  9. TheeAgile1 says:

    WTF, It’s called SIRI not SIMI.

  10. jeremywongzijun1994 says:

    “Sell backside also cannot afford” LOL!

  11. Liing98 says:

    Hahaha.. I’ve seen this 3 times alr

  12. yhartantyo92 says:

    I think it’s “Ku De Ta” restaurant xD the one in Marina Bay Sands

  13. ghostzdragon says:

    Wouldn’t be bad If SIMI is really on iPhone =]

  14. CalvinTeeKai says:

    whoah i like Mr Browns English dam fluent

  15. CalvinTeeKai says:

    @SemanggiHaro Correction Sibehh Jialat

  16. OhyikesICECREAM says:

    Best part: “Hot la! If not hot, then raining la! Your house no window cannot see outside ah?”

  17. twaii1208 says:

    Katy Perry – Firework !!!!!

  18. ian1231100 says:

    Flying an aeroplane ( literally 放飞机 in Chinese) means missing an appointment (I know that since I’m from HK…lol)

  19. zhuangyus says:

    fly my airplane???

  20. alan132227 says:

    how can you NOT like this? epic lols

  21. BatistaR0X says:

    I almost chased out by the Librarian in the NLB ..

  22. chishein says:

    If i have an iPhone, i definitely want this! xD

  23. MasterSean217 says:

    @kelmanger Fake.

  24. MasterSean217 says:

    Funny! But I’m still gonna choose SIRI > SIMI

  25. thunderer15 says:

    Ask apple release iPhone 4SG I sure buy one hahha

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