CNET Tech Review: Apple’s Jobsless rate skyrockets


Original video: This week on the CNET Tech Review: a look back at Steve Jobs’ career; five items smartphone owners can do without; wake up on the right side of the bed with Night Stand for iPad; and how to clean the cooties out of your keyboard.


25 Responses to CNET Tech Review: Apple’s Jobsless rate skyrockets

  1. Esebi95 says:

    05:40 iTunes Phone, LOL

  2. ciriusn says:

    Honestly, who cares about cleaning the keyboard, unless my dog shits on it, its just fine if its working. And btw an healthy amount of bacteria its good 4 for anyone!

  3. WeEatBrainz says:

    I don’t like how she said that it’s “the end of an era”. If Steve recovers, i’m sure he would love to have his job back once he is able to do so. If anyone can bounce back from this, it’s steve.

  4. chempranav says:

    top 5 couldnt agree more.

  5. Aristowi says:

    Too much Jobs is making me sick, I don’t hate the guy, I don’t hate Apple (although I wouldn’t use any apple products if it wasn’t for my old ipod), but I hate that people treats him like a higher entity, of course he’s smarter and has way more vision than most of us, but he’s still a man. I know smarter and more visionary people than him but they are not into technology or big markets, they are composers, historians, scientists, also changing the way we live, they’re just not famous.

  6. Anonomys246 says:

    Thank you Steve.

  7. monsterous289 says:

    YAY…over 300 club!!!

  8. athlonxpatiradeon says:

    To be honest i couldn’t find any phone that has an alarm that could wake me up in the morning , in that case I would say Casio forever

  9. trdracer21 says:

    apple be fine for 2 yrs after that they gonna hit a wall

  10. Degarem says:

    @ladybraker85 k

  11. 1fatbastard says:

    I would like Sharon to clean my joystick. :

  12. ladybraker85 says:

    Apple can suck my dick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. dubleo99 says:

    wow apple got bankrupt after they fired steve jobs
    but when he came back they became the most successful company today

  14. Sypran says:

    about that Deck 82… I still prefer my 89 IBM model M :)

  15. Jahspecs1 says:

    Steve Jobs is a phenomenon.. Thanks for everything Steve!

  16. Sen1Sky says:

    @josh14455 im glad i did ur mom

  17. josh14455 says:

    im glad steves gone..

  18. TheArfdog says:

    Bacteria is good for you… pansies.

  19. TheArfdog says:

    @alharima Why would anyone care if Bill Gates resigned?

  20. kumquatsta says:

    this is the only sharon segment i’ve ever enjoyed

  21. ferdinandcobain says:

    5:40 And know i realize that i used to have the iTunes phone :O

  22. feli0212 says:

    sleeping with phone in my pocket???? 14:30

  23. Undertaker18wwe says:

    “No surprise for Bisexual men: Report says they exist” it was in the RSS feed in TapThaApp. Duh! That’s hilarious

  24. zphersia says:

    iTunes Phone? whats that

  25. zphersia says:

    @alharima agreed

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