CNET News: Tim Cook takes the stage as Apple’s CEO


At a press event in Cupertino, Calif., the newly appointed Apple CEO takes the stage. Tim Cook says, “I consider it a privilege of a lifetime to have worked here for almost 14 years, and I am very excited about this new role
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25 Responses to CNET News: Tim Cook takes the stage as Apple’s CEO

  1. MrBearRoars says:

    Dear steve, WHY U NO MAKE WOZ THE CEO?!

  2. MicroHelper says:

    Cloud Computing is so stupid. Your information can be stolen on the web.
    Yikes… But, yeah. Ubuntu started Cloud Computing.


  3. douvil says:

    @JoshuaKelleyTech Agree. Job’s had learned from his previous mistakes.

  4. adinfinitum78 says:

    Can’t believe (yet) Steve saw this boring guy as his replacer, or he must have thought “when I disappear, so will my perfect products”. How irritating are his slow sentence endings? He sounds crap. This guy to me doesn’t sound like an interesting rebel at all. Keep him on the background as CEO and ask Wozniak to present new products. I know that this was Steve’s strength instead of Wozniak’s back then according to his own statements, but he is older now and has a far better “user interface” :-)

  5. geekmaispasnolife says:

    You do trust that design ?! Inside the iPhone 4S is totally different from the iPhone 4 …

    You do trust that charisma of Tim Cook on stage ? Tim Cook in offices must be a brilliant!

    Anyway I see you will get everything in first impressions, that simple physics of a person or object without wondering is there really inside it!

    I say good luck to Tim Cook …

    (Sorry I do not speak English well)

  6. FlentMan says:

    FunnyOrDie brought me here

  7. abcbamz17 says:

    @skeletorphd lol

  8. skeletorphd says:

    @dedgren13ify Not for the past two years and soon not at all unless they can find summat to steal that will put them, at least on par with Android or find a suitable, wealthy niche which even blackberry doesn’t have anymore.

    In iTard language that means come up with summat new (not the same device they’ve had from day dot) by next release or give up.

  9. skeletorphd says:

    @abcbamz17 Wow, you are a pathetic excuse for an excuse.

    How would you like a copy of itunes, only £20,000.

  10. dedgren13ify says:

    @skeletorphd fuck you, iPhone forever

  11. dedgren13ify says:

    @abcbamz17 lucky

  12. abcbamz17 says:

    i own an imac, macbook, iphone, ipad, apple tv, and a nano16gb…..

  13. abigbirdsfeather says:


  14. tenniscalif1 says:

    he’s not bad, a bit sleepy – needs more excitement

  15. Uberdude25 says:


  16. artdjmaster says:

    he’s boring

  17. TRIVIUM4221 says:

    Bitch is die (Tim Cook)!!

  18. skeletorphd says:

    @RSmith9512 Weird.

    Every iPhone user I know has either switched or desperately clings on to the notion that iDevices are better while they try to figure out how to do stuff I’m doing on my Android on the iPhone.

    It’s quite funny actually. They’re so convinced of the superiority and get so embarrassed when I do things so much faster and better when they try to compare. It usually ends with some superficial justification for having an iPhone or blackberry.

  19. tanshagnes says:

    It is not easy for Tim Cook. Steve Jobs is a legend. No one can replace him. All Apple fan should continue to support the company and the legend.

  20. iammt00 says:

    tim cook the 50 years old virgin

  21. sac20032003 says:

    he sounds like mr rogers lol

  22. moncy1992 says:

    jesus wanted apple @ heaven..

  23. KyleGP says:

    Give Tim Cook a chance. He’s not Steve but remember STEVE put him in charge for a reason. If you don’t believe in Tim Cook’s abilities, then you must not believe in Steve. RIP.

  24. MastahMich says:

    Ofc not, like Jobs did everything on his own.

  25. kevincobain2000 says:

    Why so many dislikes? iphone 4s = For Steve. And Tim Cook along with all others, has shown a decent presentation. Even if they knew about steve being on deathbed, they worked, and presented on Steve job’s one of the fav products, which would leave steve in a more peaceful situation in his last moments.

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