CNET Apple Byte: Is a MacBook Pro refresh coming?


Intel’s new processor lineup points to a potential new MacBook Pro for the holidays; Sprint’s bringing the iPad and iPhone onboard; and we have a MacBook Air giveaway!
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25 Responses to CNET Apple Byte: Is a MacBook Pro refresh coming?

  1. CssGuyz says:


  2. TheBloodlessOne says:

    I know I would by Nintendo games on iOS.

  3. alys951 says:

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  4. tyler3190 says:

    Apple consistently releases every march or april. Doubt there is going to be one before then

  5. simonlillith says:

    I got my fr33 macbook at

  6. MrBoobug123 says:

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  7. geminijets787delta says:

    Oh over here. It’s my iphone 4. Dam it.

  8. LightningApple says:

    0:33 IT’S TIM COOOOK!!!! :O

  9. phenochio says:

    I think it’s best for apple to stick with the real macbook pro design and just improve the inside..
    Seriously, people now are soo demanding.. and later when they redesign, they will complain and complain and ask for more..

    Macbook pros are soo successful in all aspects of an all around laptop. Even the design is great.. what else do you want? :S

  10. Sdefinite says:

    no redesign by 2012? :( ? danm the rumors

  11. simonlillith says:

    I got my fr33 macbook at

  12. hotterthantech says:

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  13. moneymike085 says:

    I swear you were that Asian dude on one of the episodes of George Lopez! Like seriously, I’m almost positive it was you.

  14. StayCool65 says:

    is theres a new macbook coming out in February?

  15. alkhawwas88 says:

    you can be a comedian dude…LOL

  16. BreakPics says:


  17. skeletorphd says:

    @MMOTotal Yes they do.

  18. MMOTotal says:

    @skeletorphd Only read the first part “Of course they do” – No, they do not.

  19. skeletorphd says:

    @MMOTotal Of course they do!

    Apple is all about clever marketing. Case in point: “If you don’t have an iphone you don’t have…” which feautures a whole bunch of stuff you can get on any smartphone, the trick being that its apples VERSION you can’t get, albeit you wouldn’t want apples limited version of the particular service.

    You really think people “review” everything for free. It’s the same as radio stations are paid to play certain songs more than others.

  20. MMOTotal says:

    @skeletorphd They don’t have a contract with Cnet you fool

  21. skeletorphd says:

    @MMOTotal Say that in about a year or when once apples contract with cnet is up

  22. skeletorphd says:

    @MMOTotal Say that in about a year or when once apples contract with cnet is up.

  23. skeletorphd says:

    @MMOTotal Say that in about a year or when once apples contract with cnet is up.

  24. MMOTotal says:

    @skeletorphd and stats etc mean nothing to me, i want the best experience, your “best experience” is different than mine, sorry you feel that you have to bash on Apple because they get all the attention why your prefered platform is treated like a pile of crap.

  25. MMOTotal says:

    @skeletorphd Jesus… you really are serious about what you said, my view is Apple = Win

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