Classic Game Room – iPAD review!


Classic Game Room reviews the Apple iPAD multimedia tablet and portable videogame device. Play video games with a larger touch screen and download billions of apps, the iPad is like an iPhone but larger with a battery that doesn’t suck.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


25 Responses to Classic Game Room – iPAD review!

  1. Laurboc says:

    I’m literally watching this on an iPad, on an iPad, that is on an iPad

  2. frosty95xy says:

    iPod Touch = smaller = less room for battery = lower battery life ;)

  3. frosty95xy says:

    iPod Touch = smaller = less room for battery = lower battery life ;)

  4. frosty95xy says:

    iPod Touch = smaller = less room for battery = lower battery life ;)

  5. Jeanine8Dalton4829 says:

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  6. turbochargedfilms says:

    @CWINDOWSsystem32 Yo dawg, I heard u like Classic Game Room, so we put Classic Game Room in yo’ Classic Game Room so that u can watch Classic Game Room while u watch Classic Game Room.

  7. AssortedBullshit says:

    @kinggamer35 Don’t forget the extension cord, lol

  8. Nanofuture87 says:

    I don’t understand tablets. Why not just get a laptop? They have much more functionality than tablets and come with a keyboard.

  9. nadinespina says:

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  10. kinggamer35 says:

    Yes, but at least it’s portable! Try fitting THIS thing in your pocket. Make no mistake, I hate the 3DS and don’t understand the price of the iPad. My advice: BUY A VECTREX!

  11. ultimativo1 says:

    3:20 classicception

  12. krystinhbid says:

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  13. gordi45able says:

    Test and keep an iPhone 4s for free at fresh-phones(dot)com

  14. Jeanine8Dalton4829 says:

    iPad 3 functions are now being talked about from this youtube video, im so psyched!! sexyurl.coipad3features

  15. brettfitz222 says:

    The 3ds is 170 but the games 40 bucks

  16. brettfitz222 says:

    iPad is expensive but the games are cheap so it’s even

  17. MrLabelChannel says:

    @alljordanz iPod touch ! duh! youtube on a classic are you dumb?

  18. alljordanz says:

    do you have an ipad 2

  19. alljordanz says:

    @MrLabelChannel let me guess ipod classic

  20. bestropilas says:

    Chceck out this website: goo.gl8ONjl if yu want a free iPad 2.

  21. kertoplikas says:

    Win iPad 2: goo.gl8ONjl

  22. mynewpeppie says:

    my mom and I had a great time playing monopoly for the ipad at the verizon wireless store but the fun had to stop when my dad was done buying a stupid car charger for his droid

  23. Mindtide says:

    I often watch CGR on my iPad :)

  24. xan1242 says:

    @PS3GameProductions You’re an idiot.

  25. zakarylakota says:

    I love the iPad its the best typed on a iPad

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