Chilla Frilla – Apple iPad Unboxing


Complete Unboxing of the newly released Apple iPad! The iPad here is the latest entry from Apple into the Tablet and mobile computing market, featuring a 9.7 inch touch screen display and a 1 GHz Apple custom A4 Processor.
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  1. Jeanine8Dalton4829 says:

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  2. Jeanine8Dalton4829 says:

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  3. Mxcpeople says:

    2:38 chillas face

  4. 12ustyGFX says:

    i was going to get this now im getting iPad 2 – im hard :)

  5. Y2J211 says:

    @iMrCobb lame

  6. ipodtouch2gful says:

    @TheA7XFAN123 that made me laugh so hard

  7. DoneGnome4 says:


  8. woodybird21 says:

    what a showoff!!

  9. gamecrazyoo1 says:

    @TheA7XFAN123 lmao thats clever

  10. MoonwalkerLamia says:

    I really enjoy watching all your reviews and just keep going with your great work!! But one question is playing in my head… How is that you have all Apple’s devices?? :D

  11. TheENofficial says:

    Hey great video!

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  12. TechManGuy1 says:


  13. dansc00l says:

    2:38 I SEE YOUU!!!! :P MWAHAHAHA

  14. SmileLucyLu says:

    @cargoship007 yea, I just got my iPad 2 for Free, simply google for:

    I’m typing using it right now! btw great review vid!

  15. ImJordyyy says:


  16. probmxers13 says:

    shut the fuck up and open the box

  17. CooperTrooper130 says:

    160 people like the pear pad….

  18. numa663 says:

    im posting this on my ipad thumbs up if you love them

  19. alys951 says:

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  20. skatemore28 says:

    with the unbooooxing… xD

  21. loganlhill says:

    @pooh2b not at all

  22. pooh2b says:

    Do you think it would be good for making youtube videos???

  23. siim944 says:

    lovely review video video!!

    Gotta Love the Ipad 2. Personally, I think this tablet is the best on the market and this review is even better. Nice Review!

    @andersss as far as I got my iPad 2 for free, I can’t complain:) Just Google for:

  24. itbestshop says:

    We are interested in purchasing data.

  25. TheDJKume says:

    the ipad 3 will prob come out sometime next year on march, if apple does what they did last time you could always sell it and then buy an ipad 3 if you want it that bad.

    @carolSpooners, you can actually still get an iPad 2 for Free, simply google for:

    My 21 years cousin just received one!

  26. tristanp765 says:

    my fav part starts at 3:03

  27. AsianSensationz says:

    LOL I’ve seen a guy playing the piano version of this faster :P

  28. AchtGigaByteTV says:

    @RubyAnimeFreek no u need 7 xD

  29. VampyZ117 says:

    and that’s why, son, you should be Asian, like the man who made this. :D

  30. cyrel39 says:

    Oh yeah!! downloading time!xD

  31. searchin4hentai says:

    If so, can I use this theme please?

  32. searchin4hentai says:

    The concept art is over! I used a Scyther’s head, created a cycloid eye with Ho-Oh’s, used Machamp’s body, Magmortar’s shoulders, Garchomp’s arms, Kabutops’ and Mewtwo’s legs, Magmortar’s feet, Charmender/Charizard/Seviper’s tails, Shedinja -last evolution- halo and Crobat’s wings. Is it badass enough for Zero-Three?

  33. perrytheplatypus321 says:

    Step one- lick the screen
    Step two- taste the rainbow

  34. azulacat14 says:

    Cool but could you do this in piano? I would love that! 3

  35. NataWhatever says:

    *in love* .. Awesome.. really. <3

  36. ShadowWolf850 says:

    My piano teacher said that the hardest song there is is circus gallop I showed her this and she was like :o me play that and her :o :o good luck

  37. VocaloidSeeU24 says:


  38. kalikonyat says:

    Y U NOT END?!

  39. iiAznChan says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. That’s where my skittles went

  40. thebiracialangel says:

    That just got me pumped to fight an old enemy and then get my girl back while this plays in the background like an awesome movie


    I showed this to my piano teacher, heh, it shut her up.


    The power of Asia in one piano song O_O

  43. Battzock says:


  44. dummiexx2 says:

    @0814587134osu He just added the Beats FX

  45. sseevee says:

    whats is the yellow one in the middle?? 02:10 …..hehe :o

  46. 0814587134osu says:

    @dummiexx2 but the sound is very different.

  47. momoko305 says:

    thumbs up if you would go and see this Orchestra if it where real

  48. searchin4hentai says:

    I’ll send you the earlier mentionned sprite once it’s finished. Damn, those legs are real a pain in the arse to sprite!

  49. TribalKing917 says:

    Holy…Fucking…Shit!!! I’m bow to u my good sir/ma’am…that was so beautiful! Especially the ending part…so realistic! I’m subscribing man! Oh my God…uv blown my mind! My mind is still on the ending part…xD…unbelievable!

  50. dummiexx2 says:

    DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: tako8smidiroom.c om/BadApple_midi.zi p
    Remove Da Space

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