Byte Sized – Apple TV – Unboxed

2012/01/45c38_Apple_default – On this episode of Byte Sized I unbox and quickly set up the Apple TV.

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40 Responses to Byte Sized – Apple TV – Unboxed

  1. mp4podcastDOTcom says:

    I got really bad cables from monoprices. The cables they have are really heavy and seemed like they putting to much weight on the hdmi input.

  2. MetalShreader says:

    My TV is bigger

  3. thedevirkahan says:

    @Sk4zZi0uS I know! I was so disappointed they didn’t include the newer remote. Doesn’t surprise me though…

  4. alexb12kt says:

    @Geek178 Eh? yes i did say almost how does that prove your point ?

  5. Geek178 says:

    @alexb12kt but you said almost hahahahahahhahahahahahaha

  6. Sk4zZi0uS says:

    Its thinner than I thought it would have been. I would rather personally have a Mac Mini wired up to my TV. Also I kind of prefer the old remote to the new aluminium one…

    Good setup

  7. shinerstrange says:

    LOL @ that TV.
    That thing is HUUUGGGGEEEE!

  8. CoyleTech1 says:

    @thedevirkahan ive got dlp 46” its waste of space. the bulbs blow alot

  9. alexb12kt says:

    @Geek178 i didnt say it was as big as the BBC ? I am from the UK also so please dont argue this point. :-)

  10. Geek178 says:

    @alexb12kt yep ITV is a massive tv company in the uk but not as big as the bbc, and it sucks becuse there is adds all the time.

  11. InternetTV55 says:

    Great Video Devir!

  12. alexb12kt says:

    @thedevirkahan Hey devir, itv is a big TV company in the UK almost as big as the bbc in fact. Also may i email/PM you for support with wordpress ? Please reply, cheers :-)

  13. TheAppleVision says:

    great video man =)

  14. thedevirkahan says:

    @xjod9 LOL - I know, right?! It’s DLP, so it’s rear-projection. They don’t make many of them anymore…

  15. xjod9 says:

    God damn that’s a HUGE tv…

  16. TryOutProduction says:

    @SGS2sprint not laggy phone that runs without lag
    no one did that before
    is isn’t only about hardware ;)
    the software counts also

  17. JakeIsAwesomeTV says:

    I think my prediction that apple should make for iPhone 5 is 1. have a 4G Network, 2. a large screen 3.all new design 4. having a facetime group. 5.getting adobe flash player on safari and 6. maybe a T-MOBLIE carrier that mine prediction for iPhone 5

  18. alys951 says:

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  19. SilentAero7 says:

    Thumbs up if you saw an android ad before watching this!

  20. ninasternf says:

    Want to win iPhone 5? Check out: goo.glGAFGE

  21. macten22 says:

    It has arrived! untethered ios 5!

  22. Cosmoopsilis says:

    @ODeutchlandguy, you can actually get an iPhone 4S for Free, simply google for:

    My 19 cousin son just received one too, and I couldn’t beleive my eyes..hah!

  23. Dasht206 says:

    if you are gamer … get this game for your iPhone…
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  24. ThePakiSami says:

    I’ve come from future through time machine just to comment that there is no iPhone5 coming in Oct-2011 instead you will have iPhone 4S and also Steve Jobs will soon no longer with us. :(
    Going back to future and thanks for reading my future message.

  25. coolcc1t4h says:

    @AVBtrance1 nvm i fixed it when it was restoring i unplugged the restored again but with new software then i put my back up on it

  26. AVBtrance1 says:

    @coolcc1t4h me 2… wtf….

  27. coolcc1t4h says:

    @AVBtrance1 now i get error 3200

  28. AVBtrance1 says:

    @coolcc1t4h yeah, im refreshing itunes like crazy!

  29. coolcc1t4h says:

    @AVBtrance1 no problem btw todays the day

  30. ilovemesomechicken says:

    Me before they released iphone 4s: “Apple is the bomb hell yeah, fuck droid apple all the way, cant wait for iphone 5 :D”

    After iphone 4s: “FUCK YOU APPLE”

  31. FreeHacksMasters says:

    I have just jailbroken my iPhone 4 with 4.3.5 firmware using iSteve by i0n1c. I downloaded from new official website: i0n1c,com.

  32. BlazeFade says:


  33. daskiiai says:

    You’re dumb. . . WTF Sprint talk . . .

  34. liamorocks says:

    iphone 4s unboxing on my channel

  35. SeekingBigMenMmm2009 says:

    you were fucking wrong about this! cunts

  36. AlwayzBringDaChoPPa says:

    @AnythingAndroid i guess i did my homework correctly

  37. strik33rcs says:

    Is the corodile real?

  38. SGS2sprint says:

    BAD Midtier internal changes. Apple’s recycled brick from 17 mounths ago. 1 Ghz dual core only? LG did that a year

    ago, 512 RAM=Htc did that 2 years ago, 8 MPcamera=SonyEricsson did that 3 or

    4 yrs ago and this new “notification center”=Android has it since 2008!No 4g! 3.5″old display?=4.5″ androids

    search utube: “Introducing Voice Actions for Android”= Suri=gimmick. True next gen = Samsung Galaxy s2

    (sprnt,att,tmob) is what iphone4s should have been>moreinfo plz check my profile videos.

  39. Awayze says:

    @kazzemg Have you seen how thick and big and ugly and battery draining 4G phones are, the US cell phone service sucks balls. You don’t even have 3G in every corner of every state and now you’re trying to push 4G with clunky ass 4G phones. I bet states with large Indian reservations have shitty to no service.

  40. TimmyChinChang says:

    Hey Everyone,

    I got a brand new Black Iphone 32 GB for sale, it is unlocked and jailbroken. I Got it as a present and already have one so i don’t need it. There is 11 months left on the Applecare warranty and comes with free shipping If you live in the USA. 300.00 OBO. PayPal only, Please E Mail Timothy49Johnson53 @

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