Avicii – Levels


Buy Avicii Levels EP- www.smarturl.it iTunes Australia itunes.apple.com iTunes UK itunes.apple.com iTunes US itunes.apple.com Music video by Avicii performing Levels. (C) 2011 Veratone AG, Under exclusive license to Universal Music AB


25 Responses to Avicii – Levels

  1. dingdongdancebitch says:

    please come to my channel and give me dance requests!!

  2. RaIphLauren says:

    hmmm look at this flower growing out of this man’s mouth, sure ill just taste it first

  3. LOLROXIFIED says:

    best song ever!!!!!

  4. miniman11937 says:

    2:40 best part

  5. wojtek22012 says:

    This song is similat to Flo Rida-Good Feeling

  6. wojtek22012 says:

    This song is similat to Flo Rida-Good Felling

  7. zielonyns says:

    1:11 – 1:17 Timbaland? :D

  8. achtungpanzer9911 says:

    O = 1:39

  9. rafael62v says:

    @arrbd the original mix is longer, this is edited ;)

  10. JordanKavanagh1993 says:

    what show or film was the black woman in, I seen her in something before

  11. azumames says:

    Dziwne Polacy jeszcze nie przejeli ?

  12. emmarocks100 says:

    has he released a new album yet, with this on it ?

  13. BlackSt0rmIII says:

    I L0VE AViCii ! YEAHH 

  14. DudesWazap says:

    LOVIN’ IT !

  15. JARSKI03 says:

    Unlike most musicians looking for views Im not going feed you all kinds of crap about how all my dreams will come true if you go to my channel or how if you subscribe I will be happy forever cause I would be kidding you haha
    I will tell you 1 thing though
    I’m 14, have drum mics, run a nonprofit channel, and can play with most of the drummers who get views on youtube and are twice my age
    So check out my cover of good feeling if your interested and if not thanks for reading!

  16. Sizzonz0r says:

    The asian woman ftw

  17. MRjustin8990 says:

    LOL! i like the chinese women haha when she is danceing and the look on her face XD

  18. EDMLOVECOM says:

    @Avvo19 she looks japanese

  19. Avvo19 says:

    that Chinese women is hilarious

  20. HouseWeekly says:

    Hot tracks in 2012

    tyDi feat DJ Rap-Talking To Myself (Maison & Dragen Remix)
    Avicii & Nervo-You’re Gonna Love Again (Live Rip)
    Bjornberg-ID (Original Mix)
    Matisse & Sadko & Swanky Tunes- The Legend (Live Rip Sensation White) [HQ]
    Bjornberg-Libella (Preview)

  21. arrbd says:

    This is song is TOO short. I want it to last forever. ):

  22. GastinDan39 says:

    best song to listen to while your ripped

  23. NassosPhotos says:

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  24. madthemis says:

    Κανένας ελληνας?

  25. VibeZnF says:

    -Sup guys, i know theres a lot of people writing this comment and its annoying, but its the only way to get people watch your video !
    -My name is Michael and im a 17 years old boy form romania. Ima fanatic of Progressive house, electro ! I recently decided after having over 4k songs in my computer to start doing mix and having fun while making these
    -I only ask you to check out my channel . That will be so awsome and you will make my day ! YOU WONT BE DISAPOINTED =) THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! =D

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