ARNI – Intelligent Voice Assistant (iPhone 4S SIRI PARODY)


Introducing ARNI, an Alternative to Apple’s SIRI intelligent Voice Assistant Application! All the benefits of Siri, plus the added features of Arnold Schwarzenegger!


25 Responses to ARNI – Intelligent Voice Assistant (iPhone 4S SIRI PARODY)

  1. totallysketchy says:

    This is great! It’s right up there with the Introducing Siri 2.0 on iPhone video!

  2. NoobKittehz says:

    Who is your daddy, and what does he do? LMAO. I love the soundboard for this.

  3. bigstangtheory302 says:


  4. dr3amcatch3r864 says:

    My name is Arni

  5. iGeneration4 says:

    Same iPhone lol

  6. snooky3 says:

    0:56 . ”WHA DO YOU WANT” hahaha

  7. snooky3 says:

    0:56 . ”WHA YOU WANT” hahaha

  8. missmykeldanielle says:

    the blonde guy in the blue shirt reminds me of Amir.

  9. maxiboiful says:

    you.. son of a bitch

  10. DrTrinitrotoluene says:

    @zollen123 dont worry, it will be highly incapable of anything

  11. 2010havinfun says:


  12. TomboysTv says:

    lol. This is Hilarious!

  13. tronjhiem79 says:

    Stop whining!

  14. thugginlove546 says:

    i thought that last dude was nick swardson anyone agree?

  15. BUS446tnll says:

    hahaha i just made an iPhone Siri spoof too
    in my channel (couldn’t post link)
    much appreciated if y’all would take a look at it :)

  16. c4life2828 says:

    Text (txtme iPhone4s) To (368638) to get a iPhone 4s! Test and Keep.

  17. 250ahmed says:

    ”u are mine now u belong to me. im going back to my blackberry.”u fuckin bitch”

  18. pkpant1 says:

    siri is crazy fun siricrazy . com

  19. time4coffey says:

    That would be killer!

  20. MrBassyb says:

    where was the 2nd video camera that was focused on the iphone? does this mean that this vids fake? awww damn i wanted an arni app for real :(

  21. karimn97 says:

    @dandobi Are you serious?? It’s coming to the app store?!?! Can’t wait!!

  22. LovUsingPencilToDraw says:

    Why do he need to ask ARNI for the weather?
    He could just look out the window!

  23. LovUsingPencilToDraw says:

    Hello Cutie PIE!!

  24. gavravjoshi2008 says:

    I want siri in iphone 4 wanna have a good laugh

    like siri where is the g spot? LMAO! check out siricrazy . com

  25. WorldHK says:

    What’s going on?

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