Apple Tablet Keynote: What to Expect




25 Responses to Apple Tablet Keynote: What to Expect

  1. befittingquantiQY says:


  2. CoolsPlosed says:

    I don’t like you. Your boring and you suck at making videos.

  3. maluco95 says:

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  4. niceworkmicrosoft says:

    We were all expecting a lot. New iLife, iPhone update and tablet. We got a tablet with no flash, no camera and no texting of iChat app and a lot of propaganda.

  5. iDeufi says:

    Introduction of the iPad: /watch?v=9sxTk2WZtUo
    Books on iPad: /watch?v=s24Ggd-F1t0
    Photos on iPad: /watch?v=FWW7yD0q3i0
    Gaming on iPad: /watch?v=xdXpC0vZKEU

    Watch if you like.

  6. mikeG584 says:

    Get Apple I-Pad for FREE!

    bit [DOT] ly/bHwG4X

  7. richardbb85 says:

    this guy is so fuxking wrong, don’t you feel dumb now

  8. Leebumsable says:


  9. xXFullmedal57Xx says:

    well don’t you feel like a dumbass now.

  10. VLeviV says:

    Darksydephil is wayyyyy beter than this giz

  11. 1XxENGxX1 says:

    apple sucks… all they really did was make a big ipod and changed one letter in the name to an A lol… ipOd ipAd lol yea

  12. ihatemadrid says:

    Actually, it’s much less subjective then you think. You don’t seem to download many AppStore games, heh? If you play, for example, GTA CW, or NOVA, or Eliminate, you will forget about flash. Forever. Trust me, I was a frequent ArmorGames visitor before. “Still others prefer NOT to pay for games” – that may be, but are we discussing the quality or the price? I don’t like cheap discussions very much. Oh, and I also have a PS3. And I pay a lot for games, and I get more than cheap CurveBall or smth

  13. Epic0fear0 says:

    other video players. and the fact that netbooks that can be $200 cheaper have it, i think at least a $500 (minimum) device should have it

  14. pr0esque says:

    “AppStore [sic] has games the quality Flash can’t offer.”

    Do you realize how subjective that comment is? Some people may like a game available at the App Store, but others may not. Still others prefer NOT to pay for games that offer gratification to what is essentially a fad; games become obsolete sooner or later.

  15. 01theone02 says:

    oh that suks man, well either way i wish you luck with that.

  16. ihatemadrid says:

    You need to browse to play flash games, where in the AppStore, you download them and keep them. You don’t need internet to play (in most cases). And AppStore has games the quality Flash can’t offer.

  17. pr0esque says:

    Do you not need the internet to be able to browse the App Store? If that is indeed the case, Flash brings hundreds of thousands of free games, whereas the Store has a limited amount of (free) games; the rest are priced.

    And why are you focussing on ONE of my many valid points?

  18. dee790198 says:

    I’m sorry John but you not long ago said the software is key and frankly everyone including you have been saying how dated the Iphones os is and this is basicly the Iphone with no phone.Remember multitasking..Not going to happen with this slow processor.They should have went with nvidas Tegra 2. Asus has one coming out maybe with a modified andriod version. Just think if you could put HTC Sense on Andriod 2.1. Build it and they will come! Tegra 2 will give accelerated 1080p+flash.

  19. ihatemadrid says:

    With all great AppStore games you will hardly want to play Flash games. They also need internet.

  20. cool8man says:

    Expectations not even close to reality. This video could have been a lot shorter if he just said, “Expect an iPod Touch with a really big screen.”

    “Macbook Touch?” I wish! Imagine a real computer in the form factor of an iPad? That would be sweet. Thank God they didn’t try to pass this frivolous toy off as a real computer by using the Macbook name. Although the iWork stuff annoyed me. Who would attempt to do real work on this MP3 player OS?

  21. pr0esque says:

    Some people don’t use YouTube exclusively (e.g. there is MegaVideo, Vimeo, Hulu, etc.).

    Others use BBC’s iPlayer.

    Still others want to play Flash games when they are bored.

  22. DaBunnyKiss says:

    iPad is failure
    I mean, just the lack of multitasking make it obsolete to a netbook, seriously wtf?

  23. ihatemadrid says:

    I can’t undestand, why are you people craving Flash so much? You can view YouTube, what else do you need Flash for? Advertisement banners?

  24. mrbrutusbignose123 says:

    ur a bit wrong

  25. pr0esque says:

    Like how most things you predicted didn’t come true:
    “heavily-modified iPhone OS that doesn’t look like the iPhone’s OS?” lol. Over-minimalistic home screen with four icons per row? Full functionality? Where’s Flash support? And multi-tasking? Does that mean I can’t be editing a document while sending an email? This flop is hardly revolutionary.

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