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This is a video I made about the Apple Tablet. It’s UI is not going to be just OS X obviously. This was just kind of a test video I made in After Effects, which I am just learning. Comment if you like it. I’m still just learning AE.
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13 Responses to Apple Tablet

  1. MeineAppleWelt says:

    And call it. The iPad ^^

  2. spyshocker says:

    It’s going to be Osx obsibsoly  I’m on it now

  3. Minkus978 says:

    Do you think I could hide poppers behind this thing? I don’t want my teachers to find out I’m having gay sex during bathroom breaks?

  4. billgatesjr1109 says:

    Why do you post videos from people who suck?

  5. MasterChief0312 says:

    This is obviously a lie. If you guys actually payed attention to the videos that apple released, it’s called the “Apple iPad”, and all these features are what a real mac would do at a low rez. No offense dude, none at all.

  6. Billyonare97 says:

    too bad it dint end up like this. I wanted it to look just like your example. It just an enlargement of an iPod Touch. Big MoneyGrabber. its gay

  7. mikeG584 says:

    Get Apple I-Pad for FREE!

    bit [DOT] ly/bHwG4X

  8. TheJawsusNSexmanShow says:

    I’d rather get the HP slate than the iPad, at least it has windows 7, not iPod software. and I can install photoshop on it

  9. wgafsck says:

    Nice video, though I must say the funniest thing is that you pop the browser open straight to YouTube and one of the biggest flaws of the real Apple iPad (don’t get me started on the name) is that it doesn’t support flash.

  10. haipod123 says:


  11. Mohamedhp says:

    Soo late…it’s OK :S

  12. milleros says:

    moc peknee…

  13. jasonriders12 says:


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