25 Responses to APPLE STORE Challenge

  1. PlesserOfer says:

    just a question…
    did you hit puberty yet O.o?

  2. faloc says:

    Bring a large Samsung logo to replace their apple logo xD thats a challange

  3. larry28donnell says:

    thumbs up if your the 911,228th viewer

  4. asoto157dude says:

    Luv it luv it

  5. asoto157dude says:

    Lol awesome vid

  6. gpcipanema says:

    @EclairE365 hahaha I’m not sure why, but that’s the first person I thought of… lol

  7. seekdestroy16 says:

    You definitely earned that 910,000 views. Very original stuff man, good job!.

  8. MrsSpacki says:

    @BeastHipHop90s they to strict -.-

  9. BeastHipHop90s says:

    @MrsSpacki Lol why :D

  10. EclairE365 says:

    “Could I get an Apple store employee to help me fix my broken iPhone dressed as the most evil man in the universe?!”

    me: Bill Gates?

  11. MrsSpacki says:

    @MrManniG no chance

  12. summzzxoxo says:

    get them to fix a pc

  13. dedpxl says:

    :/ that wasn’t as good as I thought it was going to be.
    It’s more promoting the Apple Store’s easy going approach rather than making fun of it.

  14. dedpxl says:

    1:56 lol Hilter? Bill Gates?

  15. dedpxl says:

    @daweil94 obviously anything illegal wouldn’t be allowed.

  16. kmorph76 says:

    damn AppleTards!

  17. MrsProcrastination93 says:

    @maniacmista *is

  18. Molotovshot93 says:

    You should have tried to get them to fix a Zune.

  19. ealovejb says:

    He is THE MAN!!!!!!!!!

  20. ThinkMcGeek says:

    Wow. This video is amazing. I love this. I think I might cut apple some slack now.

  21. chekolin007 says:


  22. 2487dj says:

    watch porn on the computers

  23. maniacmista says:

    That’s why Apple are so so so so good!!!

  24. mycrustytoe says:

    that is quality i love the apple store rules XD

  25. ReaLitaliano says:

    what if the goat poops?

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