Apple Shot in Skyrim


Apple Shot made in Skyrim. I would have made the shot further, but the apple doesn’t stay put very long.

We’ll tell you when you can expect the next products from Apple, iPad 3′s still aren’t coming this year, and Apple wants you to use your iPhone to find friends. Fun.
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50 Responses to Apple Shot in Skyrim

  1. stainnnn says:

    great video

  2. tiffanyledger55 says:

    YouTube + HornyHabits com = A good Friday night!

  3. DraconicFury says:

    @SmokePath that was dadric i think

  4. UnknownSuspect1 says:

    Theres only one black guy in the whole of Whiterun and you had to pick on him ? … Too bad you missed :D

  5. the12221 says:

    hell no! :P

  6. SmokePath says:

    What bow was that lol? :|

  7. hand141 says:


  8. thatguyismad625 says:

    @CaptainXomas oh thanks

  9. CaptainXomas says:

    @thatguyismad625 on xbox, hold down a

  10. thatguyismad625 says:

    how did you pick up the apple?

  11. TekBubs says:

    @subadubable Its not CoD where the missiles do an unrealistic perfect lazer shot effect.

  12. IuseanXboxController says:

    Arrows actually go slightly up from the cross hairs.

  13. PrinceRoyce02 says:

    i guess you stole the apple lol

  14. ImHitlerzSon says:

    If i was you I would of killed the dude on purpose

  15. subadubable says:

    wtf he aimed UNDER the target?!?

  16. MrBullshittliar says:

    nice that you find time to do this kind of shit coz I’ve been at it for 2 weeks and I barely manage to dry up quests in whiterun. I havent even been to other towns besides whiterun and riverwood. hehehee damn this is a long game just saying not complaining.

  17. xXGhostReaverXx says:

    Wow, Nice!

  18. Alelany says:


  19. Trentonater47 says:

    why did you let the stormcloaks take whiterun?

  20. PrehistoricStudios says:

    Oh yeah your video and channel are better than this’s guys.
    Go troll somewhere else you nobody.

  21. bornbefore1900 says:

    greatest apple ever, its even greater than his head wtf

  22. MrBrandonPeoples says:

    @phoenixchprs you’re right, your videos of it are so much better.

  23. MrBrandonPeoples says:

    @TheDerpForce it changes by popularity within an hour, just like how the view count changes every hour.

  24. TheDerpForce says:

    I’m curious, my comment got over 200 likes, the top comments right now have 106 and 33, it’s not really a problem but i find it kinda weird.

  25. CsLittleHelper says:

    @xboxluva22 get some friends

  26. xboxluva22 says:

    @CsLittleHelper type better.

  27. CsLittleHelper says:

    @xboxluva22 thats a piss take much im gunna go there 2moz and be like i want my fucking ps3 bitch

  28. xboxluva22 says:

    i took the 100$ i need an editing computer sorry

  29. xboxluva22 says:

    @CsLittleHelper or a ps3

  30. CsLittleHelper says:

    i spent £1890 on a 27inch imac i didnt get an xbox D:

  31. naveenraj8d says:

    if you are signing up to freebiejeebies apple please use this link…. there is nothing to lose… :( please help me…… if you have a youtube channel,… i’ll subscribe to your channel…..

    apple(.)freebiejeebies(.)co(.)­uk/592838 remove the (,)s

  32. chibikawaiichris says:

    Apple has gotten so pittiful.

  33. mynosehurt says:

    @MMOTotal lololol

  34. tsp1998 says:

    The Bad Apple…Apple

  35. HenryMonmouth says:

    I reckon that the reason that Apple is offering such a poor back to school deal is that they have a lot more confidence in the selling power of the Mac now. I wouldn’t be so sure myself considering comfort with Windows is still so much more important in business and the fact that Pages always insists that it simply must save every document, every time in a format that is incompatible with the computer your tutor probably uses at Uni unless you specifically remember to tell it not to do so.

  36. allstuffi says:

    Anyone interested in getting the developers version of iOS 5 send me a message for further details

  37. loopba says:

    Apple can’t even make wifi on their devices function properly unless you use their router. Sure they blame that on the other manufacturers too

  38. iPaulEchevarria1 says:

    @MMOTotal With innovative ideas? Hahahahah.

  39. MMOTotal says:

    @mynosehurt Because they are the leading technology company with innovative ideas that there competitors copy

  40. MMOTotal says:

    @joey06612 there is NOTHING to talk about

  41. LoveSickMacHead22 says:

    When re be iPhone comes out

  42. MrRisehigher says:

    Completely agree with you. Back to school deal sucks! There were rumors about Apple giving free iPads. lol

  43. capufo says:

    its not the first time apple copies cydia apps, they been doing it since cydia came out.
    and yet they sueing samsumg for copying…

  44. superws1 says:

    and apples sueing samsung for copying lol

  45. Mhann888 says:

    Why don’t u talk about iPhone 5?

  46. rettek808 says:

    @TheMapsp07 lol only in america

  47. wrathallll says:

    How can Apple steal people shit like that?!? they’re fucking arseholes. is that legal or what? steve jobs needs a kick in the dick

  48. joey06612 says:

    iphone 5 / 4s??!!??!!

  49. hughdr10 says:

    Who didn’t know those keyboard shortcuts? Lol.

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