Apple Music Event 2001-The First Ever iPod Introduction


Here we see Steve Jobs introducing the very first iPod at a low key event in 2001. The rest is history.
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25 Responses to Apple Music Event 2001-The First Ever iPod Introduction

  1. xAlan714x says:

    I Feel Sorry for The Bastard Who Didn’t Invest in This

  2. ginopunsalan says:

    So they ditched Firewire. How slower is today’s usb sync cable?

  3. calumccalum says:

    And it goes right in my pocket….just.

  4. pachinko1972 says:

    Incredible how his voice has changed…..

  5. Dr4g0nSt4nc3 says:

    @chekwob Dude, just go troll on another videos. Don’t come to Apple videos you don’t even want to watch, especially if you don’t like Apple products.

  6. YassiineAb says:

    2:30 Unbeliever laugh !

  7. serg806 says:

    and this low key event was the beginning of the apple we know now

  8. rjgz1 says:

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  9. rjgz1 says:

    Check out iPod Teletrauma at TEDxDirigo com

  10. Gorillagal247 says:

    he had the most amazing marketing skills and spoke with such confidence…lyk seriously WOW

  11. KamiKazeKenji16 says:

    That was an amazing presentation. I wish I’d knew Steve more when he was still here with us. This man changed so much of the electronic industry.

  12. chekwob says:

    @grffnchn65 You call me a faggot with nothing to back that up? You’re nothin’! Your repeated errors while attempting to use the English language unveil your true level of intelligence.
    I have done some calculations and found that, for you, there is absolutely zero more truly will away! Therefore, all of your arguments are absolutely nothin’.

  13. grffnchn65 says:

    @chekwob yes you are dont say anything unless you have tried it

  14. chekwob says:

    @grffnchn65 No, because I’m not a faggot.

  15. grffnchn65 says:

    @chekwob dude have you ever had a ipod touch

  16. chekwob says:

    @grffnchn65 Oh really? Well then, let’s check the Apple website!
    # iPod touch – “From $199″
    # iPod nano – “From $129″
    # iPod shuffle – “Just $49″
    # iPod classic – “Just $249″
    Now, I have to adjust the price here to help you understand the numbers, since your feeble mind is unable to comprehend basic math, and is going to round them all down. That’s 200, 130, 50, and 250 dollars respectively. Would you seriously blow 130 bucks on a locked-down music player?
    By the way, you want “they’re”.

  17. lostHOTDOG says:

    No applasure??? why?!?!

  18. grffnchn65 says:

    @chekwob dude ipods are awesome and their not that expensive

  19. gangsterper says:

    @earthwormjan We say thanks because everyone loves a genious! The man deserves respect for achieving what he did, as do a number of other geniouses out there in the world!

  20. chekwob says:

    @grffnchn65 Whatever makes you feel justified getting scammed out of your money, man.

  21. cmvondoom says:

    DId you check out STEVE JOBS QUOTES AND TRIVIA APP on the Apple Store???
    A nice way of remembering this GREAT MAN on your iOS device!!!
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  22. joevicentini says:

    The start of an era…

  23. grffnchn65 says:

    @chekwob ha ipods are not overpriced

  24. DJHaveit says:


  25. MrSKC611 says:

    g o o (.) g l / q W Z 3 k- remove spaces and ()

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