Apple MacBook Pro Late 2011 8GB Memory & SSD Upgrade


Apple MacBook Pro Late 2011 8GB Memory & SSD Upgrade. Supplied by SSD by Memory by Sponsored by Sponsored by The application used to clone the OS to the SSD was SuperDuper The docking station I used was the Freecom Hard Drive Dock, this is their latest model. Other useful links My Second Channel Website Twitter http Facebook
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Video Rating: 4 / 5


50 Responses to Apple MacBook Pro Late 2011 8GB Memory & SSD Upgrade

  1. davomrmac says:

    @Scobuna3 My Mac Pro has four HDs already.

  2. Scobuna3 says:

    @davomrmac Why don’t you put it in your mac pro becaus it has 4 har drive slots that’s what I do with all my old hard drives I put it in my mac pro Is it good putting 4 hard drives in a mac pro and upgrading the memory

  3. davomrmac says:

    @Scobuna3 Keeping as backup.

  4. Scobuna3 says:

    Great vid What are you doing with the original MacBook pro hard drive

  5. yooz3R says:

    why would anyone need 8gb memory ?

  6. davomrmac says:

    @AKidzView Depends if you need to be portable or not? That should really answer your question. The iMac will be more capable.

  7. davomrmac says:

    @PrestwichTTC Sorry, but I won’t be doing that.

  8. PrestwichTTC says:

    Great video Dave. I’m hoping to upgrade the RAM on my mb pro shortly and this was a great how to guide. Any plans on showing how to upgrade to an SSD drive using an optibay enclosure and replacing the cd drive?

  9. AKidzView says:

    Which one would you recommend the 21.5 inch iMac ($1500)or 13 inch MacBook pro with all theese upgrade. I have the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S and those are perfect for watching YouTube on the go and surfing the web but I want something powerful to edit videos.

  10. davomrmac says:

    @greigsa01 It will improve overall productivity and the number of apps you can have running at the same time, also memory intensive apps. No need to back up the memory, but always advisable to backup your hard drive before any upgrade.

  11. greigsa01 says:

    sorry dave this may sound stupid but will upgrading the ram improve speed and do you have to back the memory up or anything ???

  12. takforalt says:

    Very well done video indeed. Many thanks.

  13. Schyzofrenic87 says:

    warranty voided

  14. HarlenPwnsAll says:

    i love my macs too dave, but ive got alienware that geekbeched 13870

  15. zethca says:

    Wonder how much that MrThai guy pays for the ad in front of every video

  16. ecartman12 says:

    Great video Dave. What are the chances that you can screw up the components inside the machine if you don’t have that anti static wrist strap?

  17. Magalguy1 says:

    128 GB SSD vs 750 GB HDD?

  18. davomrmac says:

    @seal3081 So they can have one SSD for the OS, the other SSD or HD for data. No need for the optical drive nowadays unless you are burning DVD’s.

  19. davomrmac says:

    @themacbookone scan

  20. seal3081 says:

    why do some people remove the optical drive to install the ssd?

  21. davomrmac says:

    @RageMonkeyX maybe.

  22. davomrmac says:

    @andygreeny11 yep, I know, just slipped my memory.

  23. themacbookone says:

    Do you have a recommendation where to buy a SSD?

  24. MultiAidan1 says:

    Why does the regular Hard-drive, (the one you took out of the laptop) say ‘Toshiba’ the PC computer brand…
    hehe im on a toshiba omnon

  25. SARUJAN5 says:

    omg thats soo cheap,
    i want to go to the UK just to buy are memory harddrive

  26. linkinparkrocksful says:

    @raheeliscoolful nah, i’d say fruit eater.

  27. elisha2807 says:

    ok ill do all that *sleeps* i win!

  28. raheeliscoolful says:


  29. MrGoodGuy2100 says:

    Ana I think a orange potter was finnaly dead…

  30. theeragon100000 says:


  31. rafael642662 says:

    imbusilous ignoranus idioticus

  32. IzzieHoyos says:

    It’s totally weird but great at the same time

  33. kaitiepie1 says:

    Malfoy! Oh ya! He’s a smexy beast!

  34. tforshee01 says:

    My favorite is Hermionie and my least favorite is bellatrix

  35. sofsofsing131 says:

    My favorite character is grandpa lem- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  36. spinintops says:

    poem haters roses are red violets are blue and i have 5 fingers and the middle one is for you

  37. spinintops says:

    your balls are blue

  38. sandraB1018 says:

    Mis huevos son azules..

  39. hlmsrndy says:

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  40. amaratenoh1 says:

    Snape fruit

  41. mikulover6 says:

    grandpa lemondore!!!!!!!!!!

  42. paradiseathawaii2011 says:

    All of them are my favorite except for voltamore

  43. STERMMI says:

    Voldemort/Tom Marvolo Riddle ☻

  44. TheBFFL88 says:

    Ginny and hermione!!

  45. gaspar19991 says:


  46. sparklingselly says:

    Fred and George, naturally!

  47. lightningandbasheful says:

    Yeah, I would easily get distracted by a slinky too :/

  48. ChrisNicholas1 says:

    Annoying Orange Presents: Orange Potter and the Deathly Apple

  49. joeyhenry4 says:

    watch my videos type in joeyhenry4

  50. Ipodgirldg says:

    Definitley herminie

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