Apple iPhone 4S: Video Camera Review (1080p)


This review looks at the performance of the 1080p and FaceTime cameras in a variety of conditions

Apple recently announced Siri, an voice assistant, along with the iPhone 4S. The Apple “Siri” feature will only be exclusive to Apple iPhone 4S. Which means that Siri will NOT work on the iPad 1 or 2, iPhone 4 or 3G, or iPod Touch. What do you think about Siri? Important things you need to know: 1. It’s available on October 14 2. It has an A5 Dual-Core CPU (Like the iPad 2) 3. It has an 8 Megapixel camera with 1080p Full-HD Video recording at 30 FPS 4. It will ship with iOS 5 and Siri voice assisant Available at:


50 Responses to Apple iPhone 4S: Video Camera Review (1080p)

  1. Saft87 says:

    You talk way to fast!

  2. norbert13mad says:

    want 4S ? try giveaway on
    hurry up!!

  3. pizzaslovetoppings says:

    at 1:34 i SWEAR i thought that was CHEWBACCA from starwars!!!

  4. MrTechAgent says:

    Splendid performance amazing video Michael

  5. SARAHMORALES9228 says:

    So it does have flash when recording?

  6. bambixcountry says:

    ugh im in 7th grade and i hate it when 6th graders have this phone. its kinda ridiculous. Why do middles schoolers have $600 phones??? oh and plus the incredibly expensive monthly costs….

  7. ThePuddyj says:

    really good camra quallity

  8. 1312iluvcheese says:

    I wish that it wouldn’t be so choppy, it’s a very nice resolution but the choppiness would get very nerve – wracking. Is there a way to fix that?

  9. quest8899 says:

    what has a better camera this or samsung galaxy nexus, also recording quality

  10. embrellah says:

    Dust them.. hahahaa!

  11. KTM620sc1 says:

    Well Done ! Very informative, you know your stuff. Thanks.

  12. alteregoAtlas says:

    YouTube compresses all vids that are submitted. So the actual footage looks slightly better believe it or not.

  13. norbert13100 says:

    want 4S? try on >> !!
    hurry up!!

  14. bloodyboy678 says:

    What do you do for a living

  15. duddn10002 says:

    its camera is really awesome!! I wanna get it!!!

  16. iAaronLandis says:

    I have watched your reviews and I love them! SUBBED!

  17. multinorbert13 says:

    want 4S? try giveaway >>

    hurry up!!

  18. Atticusmitchellfan says:

    man that is beutiful

  19. ColleenNinga9 says:

    Holy plop of poop, thats a clearer image than looking out my window…Whoa

  20. norbert13mad says:

    want 4S? try giveaway on !!

    hurry up!!

  21. norbert13able says:

    want 4S? try giveaway on !!

    hurry up!!

  22. TheLuckyFactor says:

    Hmm… it seems like there’s a magical white balance fairy inside messing with the balance at the start of the video lol

  23. JoseGoite says:

    2:53 – 3:35 WTF those he lives on the Apple Store

  24. xlFR3SHlx says:

    @justuhfan More like people who get vagina. ;)

  25. MissFearlessSwift says:

    Awh; cute dog. :D

  26. lisamaree1983 says:

    love it can’t wait to get my iphone 4s

  27. lisamaree1983 says:

    love it can’t wait to get my iphone 4s

  28. norbert13able says:

    want 4S? try on !!
    hurry up!!

  29. SimonaKrejcova says:

    And now we won’t do nothing :D :D

  30. themexican101prime says:

    I Realy Hope That They Put Siri as an update for the Ipod i.o.s 5!!

  31. bryantp08 says:

    @fkucnts1 I don’t think it matters witch is better, of course apple will always win haha, Joking, its just on what the person prefers, what is easier for them to use, i think they are pretty much both the same, i just prefer the Iphone because of its reliability and user friendly interface, Siri works pretty good not exactly like the video but still impressive, it works well when you do allot of driving, She can pretty much do all the essentials for you.

  32. Jussiebear says:

    Your username says it all. That’s why no one will listen to u.

  33. Jussiebear says:

    Your user name says it all. That’s why no one will listen to u.

  34. 2112man400 says:

    Will they include it on the ipad 3?

  35. schoolnerd001 says:

    if i can download this to my ipod touch i will so get an A+ in math :) and never go to detention hehe

  36. marcus1911bif says:

    siri gonna do my homework

  37. GreysonMyBoy says:

    LOL….Guys you don’t have to buy IPhone 4s just because of speed,siri and hd camera,Just buy Samsung Galaxy S 2……It have voice message(like siri)
    and it is fast and have hd camera lol….

  38. cheelu1000 says:

    if u got this phone u dont need a girlfriend anymore, coz u got siriiiiiiiiiii lolz

    @casymcgradyYy0, yea, the promotion for creating a hype just started, got my iPhone 4s for free yesterday, loving the siri :D simply google for:

    My 21 years cousin just received one too!

  39. MrDevil666ish says:

    some one steal tht i phone from his arm

  40. FeaturingRachel says:

    Well its meant to be siri but they might call it steve too

  41. FeaturingRachel says:

    Actually it doesn’t take long it does it straight away
    My uncle has it

  42. fkucnts1 says:

    in addition to my last comment, siri doesnt work instantaneous like on here. it needs to send the command to a server and if the server recognizes it, siri will do it. also notice how there were no confirmations on here? this shows how apple once again has fooled you sheep and their marketing is always fake and bias. apple fanboys grow a brain for once

  43. fkucnts1 says:

    im yet to see on valid reason anywhere why iOS is better than android.

    and also sorry to break this to you apple fanboys but siri can only do directions and business searches in the US. you also require a constant internet connection otherwise siri doesnt work. this commercial is fake and is typical of apple marketing. stop defending your iphone and just buy an android phone

  44. dangeroussak says:

    Moosejaw XRAY – See Through Models Clothing (iOS App)


  45. vSniPPeZz says:

    0:27 siri did not confirm the sms and he didnt say send.

  46. omarabdelkarim1 says:

    I THINK SIRI is amazing but the looks of the 4s made me sad cuz it looks THE EXACT SAME AS THE 4 BUT I DNT HAVE THE 4 SO I WOULD BUY the 4s IF IT WAS CHEEPER IN CASH lol

    i heard 4s stands for 4steave is that true?

  47. annanrao says:

    S Steve
    I Is
    R Right
    I Inside

  48. annanrao says:

    Siri to be function need to connected to internet, anybody know

  49. siricrazyvideos says:

    Siri On iPhone 4 complete Step by Step siricrazy . com

    Siri where is the G spot? siricrazy . com LMAO

  50. canadiangirl3343 says:

    @Dilster3k people who know she has siri to talk to them :3

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