Apple – iPhone 4S – The most amazing Phone yet


Apple – iPhone 4S – The most amazing iPhone yet.
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25 Responses to Apple – iPhone 4S – The most amazing Phone yet

  1. MrCcm4red says:

    Hot new information on Apple. Check it out!

  2. bigsqearl21 says:

    If you know someone who wants a (no longer offered) at&t unlimited plan for their iphone 4, or 4S, (ANY smartphone for at&t) please give them my number. I charge a $50 flat fee to get it added to your account.

    Text only please. It is the best way to reach me: best to grab my number now before it gets buried with other comments.

    716-771-2545 Thanks

  3. Cherysprod says:

    howly sht!

  4. 3makelmadridy says:

    whats the music please

  5. 3makelmadridy says:

    whats the music please

  6. fyllekatten97 says:

    Three apples that changed the world:

    The one that Eve ate,

    The one that fell on Newton’s head,

    And the one that Steve Jobs built.

    Copy and paste this to honor Steve Jobs.

  7. supertinman1 says:

    So they just pretty much gave iPhone 4s everything that android has had for a while now. Way to go apple.

  8. Antonw18 says:

    i still love my iphone 4 :D

  9. Aidanio12345 says:

    @crugga awesome buddy! I finally got my iPhone 4s For Free. The sound quality seems awesome and that Siri fuction is simply brilliant! works amazing too! @sayt00n22 yeh, I think they are still offering promotional iPhone 4s For Free, simply google for:

  10. thewebmogul says:

    hhahaha glad i gotten a Samsung Galaxy S2 it blows away this crappy iphone 4S. Read and Weap Apple Trolls at this article how Samsung Galaxy S2 Sold 30 million world wide. just google it and you will see the proof trolls

  11. crugga says:

    Refined, smooth, feels nice in the hand, classy, tasteful and a solid investment.
    Personally ive not used another phone since the first Iphone dropped but I imagine comparing anything else to the 4s is like comparing a Subaru to a BMW. Sure the Subaru has got bigger numbers and goes very fast but I know which 1 i’d rather own.

    4s is an amazing phone, if youve got a 3gs get upgraded now, you’ll love it.

  12. Henryinmucco says:

    @johnyrabbitboy, and for those below who are looking for an iPhone 4s for Free, simply go to:

    My 18 years brother just got one in his mail this morning, awesome stuff!

  13. rioichislayer says:

    apple is the best facked samsung!

  14. NUTZJ98 says:

    Title fail much? At least the description got it right. “The most amazing iPhone yet”. Or you could have corrected the title with “The most amazing obsolete Phone yet”.

  15. rcknrolfender79 says:

    I’ve got an iPhone in my app drawer. Android owns!

  16. TheiTronicShop says:







  17. SGS2sprint says:

    BAD MidTier changes Apples recycled brick from 17mths ago.

    1Ghz chip? LG did that a yr ago = 1.5Ghz Androids,

    512 RAM? Htc did that 2yrs ago = 1012RAM Android,

    8MPcamera=SonyEricsson did that4 yrs ago and

    this “new notification center”= Android since 2008!No 4g?

    search utube:”Introducing Voice Actions for Android”= Suri=gimmick

    Divice of yr2011=Samsung Galaxys2 W/ HUGE size 4.52″ screen= vivid colors= deep blacks= HD

    If ur sophisticated user->plz click my name below 4 clips. MUST SEE!

  18. FreeHacksMasters says:

    I have just untethered jailbroken my iPhone 4 iOS 5 using new iSteve by new hacker. It’s really easy! Nice alternative for only tethered redsn0w. Download 5.0 & 4.3.5 untethered jailbreak from isteve-jailbreak,com

  19. JohnnyJohnW says:

    Year 87465, introducing iPhone 8.6XAMK, new feature: It takes you to space with just one touch.

  20. jamieaar2k8 says:

    Galaxy s 2 kicks this pile a shits ass

  21. Boohnee1 says:

    Ihh :-D:-D

  22. devilears3 says:

    hello guys, i have a site where they offer u to get a free apple products including the iphone 4s. this is not a scam. the site is legit and has been proven in news and other media. i have posted the link as a bullet line in my recent activity. please thumbs up so everyone can see

  23. seeker712 says:

    I own an iPhone. But I ordered a Galaxy S2, because it seems like nearly everyone has got an iPhone. It’s no more sth. exclusive. And who needs Siri? Its created that Apple can say:”We made sth. no one else did before.” But if I would’ve bought the new 4s, I think I wouldn’t use it.

  24. soza2000 says:


  25. 3GSDANIEL says:

    iPhone 4s = the best phone
    Who Needs Android Nerds fat people ugly People with too much Time and no live

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