Apple iPhone 4S Siri demo


Apple iPhone 4S Siri demo


25 Responses to Apple iPhone 4S Siri demo

  1. siricrazyvideos says:

    I want siri in iphone 4´╗┐ wanna have a good laugh´╗┐

    like siri where is the g spot? LMAO! check out siricrazy . com

  2. MaPee1982 says:

    @IMAGIMATIONanimation First of all, iPhone DOES NOT has superior voice recognition´╗┐ capability. Maybe to you it does, but that doesn’t make it a fact. Second, The dev who developed Dragon (a 3rd party assist. app that sucked) is the same dev who developed Siri. Lastly, “none gives a shit about specs, features, etc.” WRONG You really have NO IDEA do you? Advertising is the only thing that matter to YOU iPhone users (obviously) The rest of the world (us) pays close attention to specs, feature, etc

  3. Zarnacindetail says:

    “Open the blast doors Hal! Open the blast doors!”

    “I’m sorry (your name here)”, I just can’t do that….”

  4. WongZZ98 says:

    ask the phone are justin bieber gay …..

  5. MystikCraf says:

    Developers released Siri ported to all devices running on iOS 5. Application is called S1ri and is available at official website: s1ri,com

  6. MrSKC611 says:

    g o o (.) g l / q W Z 3 k- remove spaces and ()

  7. JVHMTB says:

    The girl’s voice reminds me to Dianna from Hitman game. Really cool =D

  8. roidark14 says:

    the best SAMSUNG GALXY S2

  9. sanjitanandalive says:


  10. playerkyle13 says:

    The Future is nearly here. Due to that so many amazing technogly is out on shelf’s but I think iPhone 4s beats it all.

  11. Fixeez says:


  12. COOLSHARK45 says:

    how do i make it so siri says my notfication

  13. FTGamersDotCom says:

    sirisarcasm,com has some funny ones.

  14. AtheistTower says:

    Apple had to buy them out first, but yes public sector money is needed for research, then corporations grab them up and make you buy then back. It’s the circle of life.

  15. AtheistTower says:

    This is intermediate technology it will be redundant in about 4 years.

  16. zeretmusicent says:

    @cloudform ALL u GIRLS are gonna be running up your data bill using siri…lol. i dont see u girls using it after the first few weeks

  17. Jessicaisrealawesome says:

    OH MAAHH GOSH! That’s SO cool!

  18. link10041632 says:

    I feel like someone will eventually have Glados as the voice.

  19. NotRealFiction says:

    lol that last girl was like….wtf is this shit, i just wanted a simple phone to talk to people

  20. cloudform says:

    It’s like the computer in the Star Trek series, the only thing missing is the voice. I absolutely love it. Once I saw Siri in action I had to have it (sold my iphone 4 for $100). I can see in another 20 years or so voice command is what we will use for most computer activities where manual control is not a requirement.

  21. singularku says:

    we will see skynet before 2020′s close. we will be The God or slave or die out!
    its not far away!

  22. zeretmusicent says:

    @Muffinmixable every popular main app can be found in both android and apple stores. Remember apple store has been open for 10yrs, android market been open for 3yrs . But Most of the apps out here are garbage anyway

  23. zeretmusicent says:

    @IMAGIMATIONanimation yeah most only care about whats trendy. I like do more with my phone than make phone calls and launch apps. For the price of an iphone or android phone i want them to come close to replacing my computer out the box and with a cloud service

  24. Daithi182 says:

    Will this feature come out for the iPod Touch 4G?

  25. yourleftnut1 says:

    @MozzzyBit3 i know right? some people r just dumb and lazy

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