Apple iPhone 4S Review


IGN gives its video review of the new Apple iPhone 4S tech. It may not be the iPhone 5, but Apple’s new smartphone has some powerful new upgrades. IGN’s YouTube is just a taste of our content! Check out our other game channels: IGN Home – Call of Duty – http Zelda – Battlefield – Halo – Street Fighter – And more!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

We were the first to get the Apple iPhone 4S and we unbox it and give some initial impressions.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


50 Responses to Apple iPhone 4S Review

  1. JPili1 says:

    @tkavalanche24 simple. He’ll show you his delorean equipped with a flux capacitor.

  2. YiiHCHiiN says:

    Just Got My iPhone 4s Free my self! I picked up my iPhone 4s last night. I think they are still giving them away for free for promotional hype. I remembered its URL ..

  3. tkavalanche24 says:

    @PS360Million there’s really no way for me to know if you really are from that year O_o ;)

  4. ReeferInferno says:

    What came out first the iPhone or the hundreds of Android copycats…..hhhhhmmmmm

  5. Rasmusboy100 says:

    @ReeferInferno Lol apple also copies android…..

  6. MrCcm4red says:

    Hot new information on Apple. Check it out!

  7. MyComicStyle says:

    @PS360Million What? Only 7-D? Well, that’s kinda disappointing. I mean, once we’ve defeated death we’ll all live long enough to see it. I take your comment serious and if there’s only 7-D I’ll look for you and I’ll rip your heart out somehow :)

  8. jakederents says:

    Act fast: goo.glk55ge and get your own iPhone 5.

  9. wind96xx says:

    Maybe it’s the truth, but Androids are way better than iPhones because they have Bluetooth file transfer (it’s a primary mobile phone function iPhone doesn’t have), 75% of the apps are free (not fucking 0,99$) and they aren’t little pussies that break down if you drop them from an inch of height.

  10. cookieraider126 says:

    just bought ipad :D *sees ipad 2 trailer D:
    just bought iphone 4 :D sees iphone4$ D:

  11. TSMxNation says:

    Wow, typical IGN, giving a new thing, but add 1 new thing, a great review, and they aren’t real gamers, so the library of games is FANTASTIC


  12. darrellejo says:

    Test and keep iPhone 4S giveaway xD


  13. KoolJayJ says:

    if sony decides to make the PS vita have phone capabilities or someone manage to mod it when it releases……..

    I won’t be getting a new iphone

  14. duffyfck says:

    Come test and keep an iPhone 4s xD


  15. duffyfck says:

    Come test


    Jon4lakers is obviously a biased prick.I think there’s still a lot of incentive to upgrade here,but I just got my iPhone 4 about two months ago.I’m not gonna go spend another $200 on a new phone.Probably better just to wait for the iPhone 5.If Apple does make the iPhone 5,I hope they have 4G on it.Yeah the apps now load extremely fast thanks to the A5 Dual Core Processor,but 4G will make it even faster.

  17. Canadiansith says:


  18. ReeferInferno says:

    That’s why Samsung is losing all the patent stuff in court and they’re tablet is banned … somewhere

  19. Derrickcdh says:

    Apple is copying Android … dun anyhow say things like this

  20. a9653192 says:

    Im buying this phone just cause ive had the iPhone for so many years now. Edge sucks, time to upgrade : D

  21. wezzlypipes says:

    @johnyrabbitboy, and for those below who are looking for an iPhone 4s for Free, simply go to: My 18 years brother just got one in his mail this morning, awesome stuff!

  22. kelmanger says:

    Check out: goo.glk55ge and win new iPhone 5.

  23. norbert13ify says:

    want 4s? try on !!
    huryy up!

  24. NathookGD says:

    hey hey hey nokia N8 has a 12 MP camera so i think that wins best smartphone camera

  25. TheHalfNerd says:

    @Klomppi9 nah…

  26. MultiFirefox111 says:

    i think black is better although it has the finger print problem but the colur dosent fade if u buy a white iphone after a year the bright white becomes dirty but the black iphone dosent get dirty

  27. meganorbert13 says:

    want 4s? try on !!

    hurry up!!

  28. MsRamesh01 says:

    @TheMaskSMoky, I just got my iPhone 4s and I am totally blown away. My MacBook pro is sitting in the corner and I haven not missed a beat ;)

    Glad I haven not bought it and got it For FREE, my cousin received his iPhone 4s for free too lol. The web address, if I remember correctly, was:

  29. fernando98782 says:

    chango abuelo de tepa vayase a bañar al cerro de hermana con su abuela petronila

  30. imeldificify says:

    @cyberMaschine, @kingofkings22, @weightlossinfos and for those below who are looking for an iPhone 4s for Free, simply google:

    Nice video btw, I get my iPhone 4s for FREE by the end of the week. can’t wait for it! weee :)

  31. TheJerkybeef says:

    i love the iphonee! I just got my beta iPhone 4s for Free, simply google:

    nice gadget, I’m typing using it right now!

  32. norbert13ify says:

    want 4s? try giveaway on !!

    hurry up!!

  33. SmallishApples says:

    @JCDT8 nice

  34. JCDT8 says:

    @SmallishApples we have the same situation buddy.

  35. Kalartarq says:

    good job thanks

  36. adi3279 says:

    Respond to this video… ok

  37. adi3279 says:

    @ladybug16ism , you can actually get an iPhone 4s for Free, simply try to google for something like:

  38. platinumblack says:

    @DanJos89 have a look at the video at 3.01 and you will see its the 4s that doesnt have one, i checked online both have sim trays

  39. Jack9488 says:


  40. Jack9488 says:

    You do not sound like Skrillex

  41. SuperMin3craftBros says:


  42. norbert13ify says:

    want 4s? try giveaway on !!
    hurry up!!

  43. norbert13mad says:

    want 4s ? try on !!

    hurry up!!

  44. ladybug16ism says:

    i would so much more delicate with my i phone4s if i had one!

  45. irishgeoff1 says:

    I hate cell phone users sometimes. Thats why i have a phone jammer.
    google :- yapper zapper

  46. gonzalesirssh says:

    Come test and keep an iPhone 4s xD

  47. cjmillsnun says:

    @DanJos89 There is. On the right hand side of the phone (It’s GSM and CDMA and needs a sim tray for a GSM Microsim)

  48. cjmillsnun says:

    Ever heard of a Jailbreak?
    Yes you can change the ringtone, including the text tones
    You don’t need iTunes any more (iCloud)
    meh on sim card size it really isn’t a big deal
    Android stole from iPhone OS in the first place, Android was originally going to be a BlackBerry competitor and was changed when google saw the iPhone prototype
    I look after my phone and keep it in a case
    There are 34 languages including Japanese and simplified Chinese.
    You’re talking out of your backside.

  49. munchmill14 says:

    @SmallishApples You just contradicted yourself, First you say a phone is a phone to call people and send text messages and then you say I am buying my iphone 4s.

  50. hellojellowello818 says:



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