Apple iPhone 4S: Keynote Review


*SUBSCRIBE FOR THE FULL UNBOXING & REVIEW! This is my take on the recent announcement of the iPhone 4S. Expectations were extremely high for this keynote, as many were expected a completely redesigned iPhone 5. Instead we’re left with a slight refresh. Here are some more details on the device’s new camera – Camera, Photos, and Video 8-megapixel camera Autofocus Tap to focus Face detection in still images LED flash Video recording, HD (1080p) up to 30 frames per second with audio Video stabilization Front camera with VGA-quality photos and video at up to 30 frames per second Photo and video geotagging
Video Rating: 4 / 5

I think Siri just confirmed the iPhone 4S jailbreak!! ;)
Video Rating: 4 / 5


50 Responses to Apple iPhone 4S: Keynote Review

  1. ladertadef says:

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  2. psp785 says:

    i predicted the specs to the phone exactly LMAO with the exception to siri

  3. MrCcm4red says:

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  4. norbert13able says:

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    hurry up!!

  5. nebutoras says:

    Crazy contest: goo.glk55ge with iPhone 5 to win.

  6. jamier2k9 says:

    If you buy an iphone 4s in america would it work in ireland because i am goin to new york next month and i really want to get one but they are way to expensive here in ireland… someone please get back to me and help me please…

  7. WoWoRc0WN says:

    any of u see the line outside the apple store in new york fucking hell

  8. norbert13100 says:

    want 4s? try on !!
    hurry up!!

  9. ziadzee54 says:

    oh ok thx

  10. projectPhl053 says:

    @ziadzee54 I just got my iPhone 4S for Free yesterday, simply google for:

    works great so far, need to get the hype going now!

  11. iAmSaintCharlie says:

    Sorry iPhone 4 I meant

  12. iAmSaintCharlie says:

    16GB for iPhone is $149 now also

  13. phoenix66phoenix says:

    Just ordered my iPhone 4S! :D:DD:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  14. Mujeebcrazy says:

    i want iphone 4s!!

  15. BREEZAR428 says:

    c’est ainsi obtenir un iPhone 4s en vaut la peine ou non parce que c’est un téléphone utiles

  16. ziadzee54 says:

    ipho,e 3gs is for free how to get it?? plzz

  17. Duncanadeser says:

    @TheMaskSMoky, I just got my iPhone 4s and I am totally blown away. My MacBook pro is sitting in the corner and I haven not missed a beat ;)

    Glad I haven not bought it and got it For FREE, my cousin received his iPhone 4s for free too lol. The web address, if I remember correctly, was:

  18. SGS2sprint says:

    BAD MidTier changes Apples recycled brick from 17mths ago.

    -800Mhz chip? LG did that a yr ago = 1.5Ghz Androids,

    512 RAM? HTC did that 2yrs ago = 1012RAM Android,

    8MPcamera=SonyEricsson 4 yrs ago and

    this “new notification center”= Android since 2008!No 4g?

    search utube:”Introducing Voice Actions for Android”= Suri=gimmick

    Divice of yr2011=Samsung Galaxys2 W/ HUGE size 4.52″ screen=vivid colors=deep blacks= HD

    SEE: 4s VS S2 “/watch?v=G1EBlCWBHHs”&plz click my name below 4 clips.MUST SEE!

  19. KevinWeiTV says:

    You guys need to see this. Thumbs up for others and share! Thanks:)

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  20. naypom10 says:

    @karukehataha yes free with a two year contract see you used to have to pay $50 to get the phone then pay monthly for two years now it’s free and you just have to pay monthly for two years :D

  21. FreestyleMoose says:

    @FreestyleMoose That unboxing was sick Lew ! keep it up man, anxiously aawaiting the iphone 4s review, have my device in hand & im loving it!

  22. stixs887 says:

    @unboxtherapy us thanks

  23. TechIsMason007 says:

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  24. FreeHacksMasters says:

    I have just untethered jailbroken my iPhone 4 iOS 5 using new iSteve by iTeam. It’s really easy! Nice alternative for only tethered redsn0w. Download 5.0 & 4.3.5 untethered jailbreak from isteve-jailbreak,com

  25. wayne7489 says:


    Take a chance to win everyday by doing nothing… just log in everyday and thats it..

    you can win IPAD 2 , IPHONE 4, 50000 Euros, Vacations etc…

  26. sprboymark says:

    @madpivots Steve Jobs Biological father is Syrian…….. So, Jobs is not a american, I guess :P

  27. iOS5UntetheredJB says:

    iOS 5 FULLY-Untethered jailbreak on my channel!!

  28. GamerGiirlz says: MUCH FUNNIER…you’re welcome (:

  29. EzeCoyote says:

    @nessa6565 NO FUN ALLOWED

  30. EzeCoyote says:

    @Midwest4x4f150 >phone says canada
    >”fucking asians”

    You’re a fucking moron.

  31. italktech21 says:

    @BillboardNumberOne It just makes it faster. Haha

  32. harryhardeep87 says:

    well it saves time :D

  33. kodi991 says:

    Where can i jail break the Iphone 4s? please tell me if you know

  34. madpivots says:

    @sprboymark Do you even think it is possible his parents moved from ASIA to Canada?

  35. 15tennisstar says:

    Asian guy: “what are you wearing?!”
    Siri: “Why do people keep asking me that??”
    HAHA!! XD
    Siri feels so raped!

  36. tonewheel says:

    About 5 minutes too long…

  37. sprboymark says:

    How can he be asian, stupids????
    Siri says it can’t find restaurents in Canada…. You think Canada’s part of India????

  38. willbarine says:

    Your background looks like a penis

  39. willbarine says:

    Your background looks like a penis

  40. ItalianStalian99 says:


  41. nessa6565 says:

    please give you iphone to someone worthy of actually living on this planet and then proceed to take your own life.

  42. iOS5UntetheredJB says:

    Leaked Redsn0w to fully-jailbreak your idevice with iOS 5 is now on my channel! Check it out!!

  43. miguelk12 says:

    @BillboardNumberOne but you dont have to wait for it then. Saving half a second is worth a button press.

  44. Midwest4x4f150 says:

    Fucking asians…..

  45. psychokriky987 says:

    @BillboardNumberOne but it’s faster, she knows then that you aint gonna say anything else

  46. iOS5UntetheredJB says:

    Leaked Redsn0w to fully-jailbreak your idevice with iOS 5 is now on my channel! Check it out!!

  47. alcoholicmr says:

    hahahaha ask he if you can call her gaylord

  48. zebhsan says:

    jeannie from android is more fun then this

  49. shiv8014 says:

    @BillboardNumberOne hey its annoying to press microphone button again and again after ending one qustion,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,are you sure its not nescasry to press microphone buttone after ending one qustion,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,can we continue taking with siri without pressing microphone button and is siri understand weak english,,,,,,,,,,how many language it understand

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