Apple iPhone 4 vs HTC Droid Incredible 2 Verizon “Face Off”


A hands on comparison of features with the White Apple iPhone 4 and HTC Droid Incredible 2. Specs, Unofficial Speedtest, YouTube, Navigation and
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25 Responses to Apple iPhone 4 vs HTC Droid Incredible 2 Verizon “Face Off”

  1. jeffhardyfan123able says:

    HA HA htc haters…. How come my htc incredible 2 is not laggy and works perfectly fine

  2. skittleschocolate says:

    and for what it’s worth, there are 300 dollar android phones with 8gb of internal storage and a bottom of the line 8gb sd card. i paid 299 for a 32 gb iPhone 4. say what you want man you get what you pay for.

  3. skittleschocolate says:

    it doesn’t own the iPhone 4. i’ve had htc phones. they perform very well…. for a couple of weeks, then they fuck up like all other android phones. megapixels don’t matter. it’s all about the optics, and iPhone 4 takes a better picture. id rather have built in storage. the phone can retrieve information quickly. you want it to be as fast coming for an sd card, you pay over 100 for a card. lastly fixed hardware = better construction. i’d prefer 2 screws to a missing back from cheap plastic clips

  4. joelebeau811 says:

    gives a shit if it opens apps faster …at least the iPhone doesn’t lag like shit after the first week

  5. miamibeach40 says:

    The Droid has better apps where you can get free music off of an app witch is sooo much better

  6. 08199999 says:

    It’s iPhone 4s because of eatenas

  7. LaxLaxa says:

    thumbs up if you dont know what he was saying

  8. Miillzzy says:

    orphan tears =)

  9. SWEATY97 says:

    Get the incredible its amazing my mom has the iPhone and its a piece of crap

  10. creap32 says:

    @TheFunny242 But, IPhone has more applications! :(

  11. Majormini24 says:

    @dadoofusbeats well i had an iphone, and it tended to freeze on me. I changed it to the incredible 2, and it froze on me as well, but not as much as the iphone. as for turning off it has never done that to me. so for phone i would stick with my droid. As for turning off when they want, that has never happened to me, and i have never heard of any of my friends having that problem with theirs. But i do like apple and my ipad is great, but i still pick the droid for phone and music

  12. dadoofusbeats says:

    i hear that droids freeze have shitty battery lock up shut off whenever they want update whenever they want and that the iphone is straight up genius which one would you rather have

  13. SassyT71 says:

    I have had the iphone 4s for over a week now & I am 98% sure I am returning it to get the Incredible 2. Thanks for your review!!! I have been looking at them both for a while & your review has helped me make the decision.

  14. fallensk8r6696 says:

    Just got the incredible 2 . Its amazing .

  15. andrej1449 says:

    iPhone is better!

  16. schwinnprotocol says:

    i like my incredible 2, except for its really slow at uploading videos to youtube its fails a few times and i have to retry it, also it keeps corupting my videos and pictures and i have to delete them because i cant see them

  17. schwinnprotocol says:

    i have the incredible 2, i didnt know it had gorrila glass

  18. koolkis13e414 says:

    hahhahahahah you made me look out theorphan tears and now i subscribed to them. they have so many good and catch songs.

  19. koolkis13e414 says:

    @smartphoneenvy the iphone 4 also comes in 8 gb it is on the vzw website

  20. BigTimeRisk says:


  21. DETHklok310 says:

    @LancerH4 I’m am 17 years old about to be 18 in four months and i wasn’t mad so thank so very much sir….

  22. syco1986 says:

    you didnt take in to account the half hour it took you to find the app on the INCREDIBLE

  23. black8flame says:

    @RoCityGoon hahahahaha

  24. 555THATGUY555 says:

    @famous447 I have the incredible 2 and its terrible, my iPhone is coming in the mail tomorrow

  25. Snipermansnipedu says:

    @RoCityGoon Um… I can’t understand what your trying to say. Can you stop talking like a gangster redneck?

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