Apple iPhone 4 vs 4S: Video Camera Comparison (Side by Side)


This is a side by side comparison of the iPhone 4 vs 4S video cameras. Specs: iPhone 4 (5MP/VGA/720p) iPhone 4S (8MP/VGA at 30fps/1080p) Google+: Michael Kukielka Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Ping: MichaelKukielka Follow me on GameCenter: DetroitBORG E-mail me: Subscribe:
Video Rating: 4 / 5


25 Responses to Apple iPhone 4 vs 4S: Video Camera Comparison (Side by Side)

  1. jimmy20097 says:


  2. PackOfAsians says:

    I foundu on my keyboard :)

  3. shash358 says:

    6 people can’t afford an iPhone and they are stuck with their laggy androids, and they couldn’t even make darth vader’s light staber!
    “I owned all the apple products in the world, till I took an arrow to the knee…..”

  4. aviationcaptain says:

    i swear yu ar the best reviewer etc. on yutube,your videos are exceptional

  5. AllRoundSWETv says:

    5 People did have a iphone 4

  6. DjKbal says:

    Music makes a video… a video. New subscriber here. :)

  7. Megafanman703 says:

    Wow! and I thought there was no more than on iPhone 4 on 4s.

  8. TheNvFilmz says:

    Cool i love yates by the way!! I live near there

  9. TrueDesireHD says:

    my battery life is pretty decent actually, i get around 30hours per charge , is I use it around 6-8hours rest is idle/stand by time.

    btw, is there an app out there that lets me chose either 720p or 1080p?
    because when i film with the 4s it easily gets too large in size.

    Also have to mention I really like your Ytube channel, and you are doing great footage/videos :)

  10. greysmoke321 says:

    Great video, really helps in decisions to upgrade to or get a iPhone 4s. :) Thank you for posting this video.

  11. greysmoke321 says:

    I think I like the richer color of the iPhone 4 but probably better to have truer color (as the iPhone 4s provides) and then if one desires can add a filter to make the color richer.

  12. greysmoke321 says:

    the colors on the iPhone 4 are richer and the colors on the iPhone 4s are truer :)
    I also noticed the iPhone 4s was sharper in video quality

  13. norbert13mad says:

    want 4S ? try giveaway on
    hurry up!!

  14. spartan117ism says:

    The color of the iPhone 4s is better but Apple compromised the battery.

  15. mbagala1 says:

    Very nice video good job

  16. thor3d29 says:

    you should make Siri vs Old Voice Control

  17. ALEXANDERBELL0 says:

    Amazing video! i dont see the logic in some idiot disliking this…

  18. TheMurkGaming says:

    @DetroitBORG i passed by

  19. BriannaMaupin says:

    Can i have the iphone 4

  20. JMooky97 says:

    Are you gonna do any more reviews?

  21. iFilTech says:

    Hey Michael, what kind of camera do you use for regular videos? Just a thought that’s been on my mind.

  22. DetroitBORG says:

    @MonkinOut Nothing is better than Fresh Apple Cider :)

  23. DetroitBORG says:

    @lachermann Thanks Luca!

  24. DetroitBORG says:

    @SwaggerYod I’ve been waiting on the battery fix for a final review. The latest software has made improvements, but not enough.

  25. DetroitBORG says:

    @themrmariodude You can insert a video clip over another and use the “Split Screen” option.

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