Apple iPhone 4 TV Ad App Store


If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have the App Store, with the world’s largest selection of apps.
Video Rating: 4 / 5
Video Rating: 4 / 5


25 Responses to Apple iPhone 4 TV Ad App Store

  1. vdogg43 says:

    Why do they not release a 4G phone????? Charge, LG Revolution, Droid Bionic and others are already 4G.

  2. imadude123124 says:

    rolling in the deep – adele

  3. OldSerpentOfSin says:

    And siri likes to back talk to me it even called me a bitch! whats with that!?!?! LOL

  4. OldSerpentOfSin says:

    Im just waiting for iphone 5.

  5. OldSerpentOfSin says:

    @howeconnor well they had an iphone 3gs i guess they work in a pattern.

  6. Benvakt says:

    @howeconnor They are obviously working on the iPhone 5. 4s would first only be available in Asia. But they changed the plans at the time Jobs was dying because they though of a huge fall in the stock market. Guess this new phone pushed them to the same level again.

  7. 003deista says:

    Infinity Blade 2


  8. 003deista says:

    song at beginning:

    Adele – Rolling in the Deep

    song at 2:35:

    Empyr – Its Gonna Be

  9. kevtom says:

    what is the song in the beginning?

  10. persiasbest says:

    What is that game called?

  11. persiasbest says:

    @howeconnor Well, There is Siri…

  12. nimish332 says:

    yep i know, Just Got My iPhone 4s Free my self! I picked up my iPhone 4s last night. I think they are still giving them away for free for promotional hype, google for:

  13. bigsqearl21 says:

    If you know someone who wants a (no longer offered) at&t unlimited plan for their iphone 4, or 4S, (ANY smartphone for at&t) please give them my number. I charge a $50 flat fee to get it added to your account.

    Text only please. It is the best way to reach me: best to grab my number now before it gets buried with other comments.

    716-771-2545 Thanks

  14. x12sd says:

    what song on 2:35 ?

  15. YahoogleDesigns says:

    to the bitches who keep saying this is bullshit and stupid. Learn trade and business studies. This is just warming them up. This will earn them millions of dollars. Which can go forward to the iPhone 5. This is just a warm-up guys. So settle the fuck down. Apple knew people would buy this, it’s just a money scheme.

  16. samthelegoman1 says:

    @howeconnor and the chip was already made, in the ipad

  17. funnybloodboys says:

    @howeconnor why dont u make a new iphone asshole

  18. xokaylaisflyyox says:

    whatever i love my iphone 4s<3 siri keeps me organized and keeps me company :)

  19. incyphe says:

    I think Bob Mansfield is awesome.

  20. jeythebigdaddy says:

    miren esto del Iphone 4s esto es insuperable

  21. alexpirpiris says:

    1:42 Is the phone floating or something? C’mon, Siri isn’t THAT smart.

  22. krasav4ik82 says:

    Camera is great on Iphone 4s.

  23. natsu5291 says:

    basically they made the back MORE GLASS which equals more idiots to drop the iphone which means more idiots to send in there iphone and get it fixed=MORE MONEY FOR APPLE

  24. norbert13100 says:

    i don’t love apple bulshiting but when i can get something for free i do it !

    1 submitted email on and really WON this piece of goo!!
    try that!

  25. dareves says:

    Phone 4S + AppleTV = AWESOME GAMING SYSTEM via Airplay, search on YouTube:

    “iPhone 4S Airplay with AppleTV”

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