Apple iPad 2 Review (Official)


Complete Review of the just released Apple iPad 2! The iPad 2 features a faster dual core processor, front facing camera, it’s thinner, lighter, and supposedly provides the same battery life. Will this new generation be worth your hard earned cash? Watch to find out, and be sure to Subscribe for more! Follow me on Twitter for live updates and news at: ‪‪ – Apple iPad 2 Review (Official) Apple iPad 2 Review (Official) Apple iPad 2 Review (Official)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5


50 Responses to Apple iPad 2 Review (Official)

  1. TheYuganter says:

    its an awsome phone
    one should buy this

  2. jennell504 says:

    can you watch videos on youtube on the ipad?

  3. zaxgamez says:

    My cousin used to own one of these exact iPad 2s and he sold it to his boss. I said, “That’s a HUGE mistake dude!” He said, “I needed the money.”
    If you think about EVA’ selling an iPad 2 JUST FOR MONEY, you’ve got some SERIOUS problem. This device is TOO cool to sell for $300-$500

  4. SergeantMarcus says:

    @darrenswan97 Lolwhatascammer.

  5. darrenswan97 says:

    @Karrrkarr, yep i know, Just Got My iPad 2 Free my self! I picked up my iPad 2 last night. I think they are still giving them away for free, google for:

  6. TheENofficial says:

    Hey great video!

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    I have a giveaway for a FREE blackberry playbook ! All you have to do is subscribe and leave a comment on my blog, one lucky winner will be chosen to win a brand new sealed playbook! Hurry before its over!

  7. kiddixcg says:

    sure – you’re funny guy, but I think the best site is here bit.lyv39FiC because of you now… lol

  8. TheBuilderrocks says:

    Your channel rocks keep up the good work, i am saving up for the IPad 2 and yes i know christmas is coming up but thats when the money comes in! As i was saying i love your channel and your videos, top notch Chilla Frilla good job!

  9. TheFrankieShow1 says:

    every time i go to your channel or watch yur videos i think of my chinchillas lol

  10. Markodide says:

    Guys, if you download the app called ”App trailers” and then click on the second video and put 4593509 as code, you’ll get 997 points. and for that you could get a free $10 giftcard for itunes. don’t belive me? it’s worth a try. if the code worked for u, thumbs this up so people can see!

  11. MrRaZoRTech says:

    He guys check out my channel and PLZ SUBSCRIBE

  12. thelongsdaleguy says:

    Lmao just get the old one for half price there’s no fucking difference

  13. luisadrianloyola1 says:

    @2011CJM k wtf i dont have to prove to you i would say look up my school but youd come find me nd rape me er some shit so whatever i know i have an ipad 2 nd thats all that matters also look at the other people also saying theyre school gave them ipad 2s so fuck you

  14. trane1994 says:

    @DoraEatBabies his ghost?

  15. bfcricky says:

    I wish santa would hurry up with my ipad 2!

  16. DoraEatBabies says:

    @flightsimulatorXpert haha that totally explains his new videos on 13nov.

  17. Procroto says:

    OK THAT’S IT I’VE HAD ENOUGH. . . . Im gonna rob him.

  18. HolyWhisp says:

    I have used the iPad 2 for a 2 week time period and I have to say i was completely blown away by it. I have never used the original iPad so i can’t compare the 2 products, but I can say that the iPad 2 was the most impressive peice of tech i have ever used. The graphics were incredible (i have a 2G iTouch so….) the raw power was great and the wider market of apps for the system was really quite exciting.

    The one and only downside being the battery, which, if not plugged in, is pretty poor.

  19. thiskidneedsmedicine says:


    Apple iPad 2


  20. safiradu says:

    lovely review video video!!

    Gotta Love the Ipad 2. Personally, I think this tablet is the best on the market and this review is even better. Nice Review!

    @andersss as far as I got my iPad 2 for free, I can’t complain:) Just Google for:

    I’m typing using my iPad 2 right now ;)

  21. oliver18754 says:

    @flightsimulatorXpert Are you serious or BSing us?

  22. flightsimulatorXpert says:

    ChillaFrilla also known as Chris passed away on the 30th of September, dying from his errors injuries in a car accident. Rest In Peace

  23. kulitinmo says:

    I’m typing using my iPad 2 right now ;)

  24. hestreser says:

    Go to: goo.gl8ONjl if you want iPad 2.

  25. TechTubeCentral says:

    @simonchung555 yes

  26. tigerlily7898 says:

    Hey this video came out on my 13th birthday XD

  27. erdog11 says:

    yeah…. too late

  28. bubbles12675 says:

    there alredy is apple tv..

  29. HDtutorials100 says:

    @music1stuntskicker10 true flat screen aren’t expensive,

  30. Jon says:

    @music1stuntskicker10 –

    1) That’s none of your business
    2) Flat screens aren’t expensive…

  31. music1stuntskicker10 says:

    Do you make a lot of money on YouTube you have 3 flat screens god

  32. AmericanIdiot1035 says:

    it’s official, APPLE IS TAKING OVER THE WORLD!!!!!!

  33. danisaac6 says:

    A few weeks ago i did see a tv with an ipod dock built in

  34. simon199418 says:

    @ThemVideoGames as if apple does not collect anonymous info from u,people already found out that an iphone collects gps data of where u have been,and also a phone’s primary goal is to make calls not to lose signal every time u touch it,in the end of the day they just give u a phone that does what they think u need and cause people don’t know what they want they agree to be dictated upon,i on the other hand like to do things my way,personalize my phone+etc,not have whatever they think i need

  35. ThemVideoGames says:

    @simon199418 what apple does is they take away the crap you don’t need and leave in what you do. iOS is completely usable with only 4 buttons, android needs on average 6 buttons. What you’re doing is comparing a stick to a toaster. You’re putting value over usability. You’re comparing a Hundai to a Mercedes. You have such a huge anti-apple bias and you think people buy it JUST because it looks nice. Also, I’d rather not let my privacy be stolen by Google and pay the extra for an iPhone.

  36. simon199418 says:

    @ThemVideoGames look if u like to pay more money to get a product that is just being designed with cosmetics above function its ur choice, round where i live an iphone costs twice as much as an htc desire s and for me that’s just a rip off ok? macs as well are overrated and based cause look nice salesmen try to grab a shitload of cash from us, i know that in America they are more competitively priced(although macs are expensive)so for me here,apple products= rip off

  37. ThemVideoGames says:

    @simon199418 no, it does not mean it’s the best it’s the best for that person. Look, I use iOS and for me, it’s better to use than android, it syncs up with my Mac much better with iCal and Addressbook and can get bookmarks from Safari and import them. I agree, apple does a great job marketing the phone, however it’s not crappier, it’s different. And people look at other options before buying the iPhone. Your reasoning isn’t very good- people buy the iPhone because it’s right for them

  38. simon199418 says:

    @ThemVideoGames so what if many people buy it man, does it mean that it’s the best? no it just means that apple does a good job marketing the crapper and also people buy it cause it has an apple badge on it , just like people buy bmw cs it has a bmw badge on it, and in reality u don’t need to spend all that money on an iphone you can get something cheaper that can do the job just as well and if not better, but no we want what apple sells cs everyone else buys it, we cannot dare to be different

  39. ThemVideoGames says:

    @revengeonagony 19,518 views is still impressive for one video. when you get 10k+ views on every video that you post, you’re kind of a big deal. on top of that jon has been part of the microwave show which has received, i believe, around 100k on each video. big deal? i think so

  40. ThemVideoGames says:

    @simon199418 so what if apple does not make them? Also, apple does not sell them like they’re holy pieces of magical granite (wtf?). apple does the opposite, they market the iphone like it’s just a smartphone. they basically go like this: “here is an iphone, this is what it can do” very down to earth, unlike motorola commercials, here’s an example: IT’S A MOTHERFUCKING ROBOT! *EXPLOSIONS*. Also, for most people an iPhone is the best for them, since it’s meant to be a phone for a wide demographic

  41. simon199418 says:

    @ThemVideoGames my point is that they are not made by apple,and apple sells them like they are carved from a piece of granite from an apple owned holy mountain,like they are things that should be worshiped and people do fall for it,a phone is just a phone,it is no religion,people who upset me are the ones who just buy apple products and expect to be getting the best,sorry ur buying the same crap that we have bt in a better looking package,now if u like ios ur choice i have nothing against u

  42. ThemVideoGames says:

    @simon199418 it’s a different bloody operating system. also, the chip is manufactured by cortex while in most androids now it’s snapdragon processors. sure the screens are made by samsung, I don’t know who the battery is made by, but it’s not the same crap. all phones come from a variety of manufacturers, some are different, but some are the same. People go crazy over it because it’s Apple and iOS

  43. 12Jakeyboy says:

    @Jon WOW! I’ve never seen anyone handle trolls so well! I love these videos, but if I didn’t I still wouldn’t dare post anything negative against you because I know you’ll just devastate me! :-)+<


    @Jon No Jon your a fag. So stop bring a dick to your viewers.

  45. dannyb13579 says:

    @AfternoonProductions alright.

  46. AfternoonProductions says:

    @dannyb13579 k, random person.

  47. Jackiechan39 says:

    @BlueCrayolaMarker It won’t come with a remote, that will be something you have to pay extra for.

  48. simon199418 says:

    @ThemVideoGames if u open them up they have more or less the same cpu the same ram chips similar picture sensors and antennas cs samsung made parts for apple just as other companies which include lg make apple components, i don’t think that apple has the facilities to produce cpu chips or screens or batteries, its just the same old crap in a clever package and just because it only comes up once a year people go crazy over it

  49. IronTreePaper says:

    can I play EXBAWX?

  50. ThemVideoGames says:

    @simon199418 no it’s not the same shit- samsung phones and the iphone do not compare at all as they are very different phones.

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