Apple Introducing Siri on iPhone 4S


Siri on iPhone 4S lets you use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, and more. Ask Siri to do things just by talking the way you talk. Siri understands what you say, knows what you mean, and even talks back. Siri is so easy to use and does so much, you’ll keep finding more and more ways to use it. See how Siri works: Watch the video It understands what you say. Talk to Siri as you would to a person. Say something like “Tell my wife I’m running late.” “Remind me to call the vet.” “Any good burger joints around here?” Siri does what you say, finds the information you need, then answers you. It’s like you’re having a conversation with your iPhone. It knows what you mean. Siri not only understands what you say, it’s smart enough to know what you mean. So when you ask “Any good burger joints around here?” Siri will reply “I found a number of burger restaurants near you.” Then you can say “Hmm. How about tacos?” Siri remembers that you just asked about restaurants, so it will look for Mexican restaurants in the neighborhood. And Siri is proactive, so it will question you until it finds what you’re looking for. It helps you do the things you do every day. Ask Siri to text your dad, remind you to call the dentist, or find directions, and it figures out which apps to use and who you’re talking about. It finds answers for you from the web through sources like Yelp and WolframAlpha. Using Location Services, it looks up where you live, where you work, and
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25 Responses to Apple Introducing Siri on iPhone 4S

  1. JustinzModz says:

    How do I get this mine is voice control when I hold the home button mine dose t look like that please help

  2. PdotDoherty says:

    @SelmaLovesBlack press and hold the home button pn your iphone

  3. SelmaLovesBlack says:

    ehm .. where do i find siri i have a iphone 4s and i dont think i have it :///

  4. norbertcopper says:

    want 4s ? try giveaway on !!
    hurry up!!

  5. Natlusification says:

    I don’t think she should go to dinner, she seems ill.

  6. liliprincess717 says:

    Does anyone know how to activate th last thing? Where she reads any new text u get? Id like to have it activated when I drive but I can’t find the option anywhere

  7. KillandMilproduction says:

    @FlipingMoney hold down the home button and it will open

  8. FlipingMoney says:

    I just got this iphone but idk were to find siri on the fuckingg phone heeellppp

  9. juanj560 says:

    can you change the voice from robot lady to super hothothot chick !!

  10. danz451 says:

    what is the meaning of life?

    siri: erm…… to eat chi..cken…??


    siri: phew!

  11. gavravjoshi2008 says:

    siri on iphone 4 i got mine siricrazy . com !!

  12. gavravjoshi2008 says:

    siri on iphone 4 i got mine !!

  13. rtwothitu says:

    S.I.R.I.= Steve´╗┐ Is Right Inside

  14. enaug96 says:


  15. TheBlizzardNinja says:

    what would a blind person need a iphone for if they cant even can see :P

  16. grimmblade09 says:

    in future siri will dominate the human world and create skynet to destroy the rest of the human remaining..
    that voice has evil in it. xD

  17. 8TBALL says:

    It never works as easily as they portray.

  18. norbert13able says:

    want 4s? try giveaway on !!hurry up!!

  19. MeCanFlyVeryHigh says:

    @sieeersciuch Nope, Chuck Testa.

  20. sieeersciuch says:

    @DeursenPatrickvan no its Ray Charles – What’d I say

  21. sieeersciuch says:

    @AppleAshwin no, its Ray Charles – What’d I say

  22. 6Burnt6 says:

    blind people can add contacts too!… lol

  23. DeursenPatrickvan says:

    beginning is : the doors – break on through. the rest is random shit

  24. PauseProject18 says:

    steve jobs died :(

  25. FrenchRDD says:

    @sieeersciuch “What’d I say” parts I & II by Ray Charles

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