Apple Byte: More pieces to the iPhone 5 puzzle



A leaked iPhone 5 picture, new iOS 5 features, and more are painting a clearer picture. Plus, we meet the Iron Chef: MacBook Air.

Apple’s Philip Schiller announces a new version of the iPod Touch. The new gadget has a lower price point, sports Apple’s newest mobile operating system, and supports iCloud.
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50 Responses to Apple Byte: More pieces to the iPhone 5 puzzle

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  5. macten22 says:

    It has arrived! untethered ios 5!

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    It has arrived! untethered ios 5!

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  9. younglegendarywarrio says:

    R.I.P Steve Jobs

  10. TockCease says:

    Oh fucking christs’ sake will you ifaggots get off steve jobs nutz? maybe if you keep praying to him he’ll come back in 3 days and give you a working iphone for $600 that doesn’t give you brain cancer. gtfo he was worthless tlking head.

  11. jxtsful says:

    The iPhone 4S uses Samsung Electronics’ A5 mobile application processor, LG Display’s “Retina Display’’ LCD screen and LG Innotek’s camera modules.

  12. 3DMoviez says:

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  13. cvalar34568 says:

    i like his shirt but not his head

  14. jakeburns2012 says:

    Check out this video, type in – iPhone 5 straight from JAPAN

  15. Markhaynes2011 says:

    How long is it going to be before apple actually release iOS 5 ?

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  17. chaniboy says:

    He is channeling Rogue from X-Men @ 2:30

  18. leonvinhle says:

    haha! nice man

  19. FreeHacksMasters says:

    hey, look at i0n1c,com. There is very interesting info for iOS 5 release. I think i0n1c is working at untethered jailbreak for iOS5 and soon will publish first version. What will be name for new jailbreak or meybe he will give his exploit for Dev Team?

  20. MrOldeastdallas says:

    Notification bar, text to speech, these are just two from Android. I like iPhone but not really because is not as customizable as an Android.

  21. sikmenios says:

    hey guys, check out the new iPhone 5 predictions on my channel

  22. ThePandaPwnage says:

    @4dmlfz nice try

  23. 4dmlfz says:

    Father: Iphone
    Daughter: Ipod
    Son: Ipad
    Mother: Iron.

  24. mariomariobrosluigi says:

    @rubenandpimslapping i know were in the 4th dimension -_-’. 4D is the same only that you have a chair that moves, odor sensor, effect (like if you see rain the theatre will spray water) stuff like that

  25. Khatanmurun says:

    woulfnt it be cool if apple tested the iphone 5 camera by taking a photo of a mirror? :D

  26. Christiansk8r673 says:

    who the ducks idea was it to make an 8GB iPod
    when I updated to IOS 5 it went from 8GB to 6GB

  27. Twatzaki101 says:

    *looks for TheLikeButtonFTW comment*

  28. BAMFxproductions says:

    @iReece2k11 is it worth it?? um does it still have the same setup/design you know likebecause thats exactly what i want the simple black backround and everything

  29. iReece2k11 says:

    @BAMFxproductions Nope, unfortunately Apple pulled Siri from the the market. They made it the new gimmick for the iPhone 4S.

    There IS a way to get it, but it involves jailbreaking your iPod…

  30. BAMFxproductions says:

    does this come with siri or can you get siri on it???

  31. BAMFxproductions says:

    does siri come on this

  32. benjeral says:

    RIP Steve love you

  33. outbreakguy says:

    I noticed Not many people are exited like steve jobs :( R.I.P

  34. rjgz1 says:

    Check out iPod Teletrauma at TEDxDirigo com.

  35. starwarscary says:

    Is this the schmuck that replaced steve jobs?

  36. Yalzerboy2011 says:

    @purpleninja1231 i think ur talkin about itunes 10.5?

  37. macten22 says:

    It has arrived! untethered ios 5!

  38. tayoma1 says:

    That is not even the iPod 5 it’s more like iPod 4S

  39. DRILLBIT221 says:

    Is there a difference between the iPod touch 4g and the iPod touch 5g??

  40. EverythingAppIePro says:

    It has arrived! untethered ios 5!

  41. lovejawts says:

    does this have the A5 core chip?

  42. MrKsaq8 says:

    Not all the iPod touches can get ios 5. Just the 3G and 4g and 5

  43. vvysoc says:

    you know what pisses me off that there used to be a third party app for siri and you could use it on iphone 3gs and iphone 4 for free, but since then apple bought their rights so they blocked the app; and in order to get siri you have to buy an iphone 4s which blows. So, a free app turns into a $200 upgrade. Apple loves their loyal costumers but robs them right in front of them!

  44. TheBMW320cabrio says:

    @Alexplus20 TRUE

  45. flipdoggz711 says:

    @Jx1x3 nope only 3g-5g iPod touches….

  46. R1ProductionHouse says:

    but, will it blend…??

  47. Jx1x3 says:

    can a 2g touch get iOS 5?

  48. juan13gaga says:

    I have iOS 5 on my iPod touch 4 g and it’s awesome

  49. theunrealbro4939 says:

    @piggiimii the only difference of the 2g and the 3g is that the 3g has a faster processer. ipod touch 3g supports ios 5.

  50. purpleninja1231 says:

    i updated my ipod touch to the 10.5 version just now and it says its all done but when i turn it on i dont see ANY changes!!! can some1 tell me what im doing wrong

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