Apple Byte: An iPhone 5 and iPad HD this fall?


Video Link: Apple is looking at wireless charging for the next-gen iPhone; we’ll sift through the fact and fiction of the iPad HD; and the AppleByte sets its own Guinness World Record.
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25 Responses to Apple Byte: An iPhone 5 and iPad HD this fall?

  1. gordi45able says:

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  2. Guatetube1 says:

    @chewbroccoli1 Ahahahahaha nasty mind! jk lol :D

  3. thomasnooren says:

    I hate top comments!

  4. superflyboy89 says:

    he’s cute :)

  5. superzyrous says:

    will sony vita have as many apps as the iphone 4s and ipad2?

  6. MrJoyDevision says:

    how cares if it’s thinner? I only want to know if it’s good

  7. alys951 says:

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  8. m33lad says:

    Iphone 4S owners must feel STUPID!!

    & Tokyo made this new battery that the battery gets charged in 5min recharging your device up to 90% of it’s capacity. so most likely Iphone 5 will jump to that idea

  9. Mrkeithable1 says:

    when i get iphone 5 iphone 6 or 7 will come out

  10. WakeTheFugUpAmerica says:

    I find this hard to masturbate to

  11. smiulika says:

    I just found a test site, were you can test the iPhone 5:

  12. 123454321578 says:

    2:54 ….. false ……( the operating system of Apple iphone is not Windows)

  13. K6A6H6R says:

    apple supports obesity

  14. FileSpnR says:

    My iphone 5 is a betat test er version and is it slighyly smaller the an the 4s because i sanded one side of it off so it woyld fit in my show cause the reception is beteta if i listen and walk at the same time viva la stinky feet

  15. klernetas says:

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  16. PionerofTrance says:

    I have just jailbroken untethered my new iPhone 4S running on iOS 5 using iSteve from official website. It’s really easy. Nice alternative for only tethered redsn0w. Download iSteve from official website:

  17. elderuqnku says:

    Test and keep iPhone 4S giveaway xD


  18. tristan9581 says:

    2:10 he’s dead

  19. xxJwS says:

    But the question is Will it Blend?!

  20. billkastent says:

    Win fresh new iPhone 5 at: goo.glk55ge

  21. fearfulsmile1626 says:

    This asian guy annoys the heck outta me :/ but

  22. palui says:

    @xFL8CFCx Expect the iPhone 5 around mid 2012.

  23. palui says:

    iPhone 5 release date: mid 2012, according to the latest news. Waaa…

  24. ytemsg says:

    Jesus Christ said that “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me” – JESUS CHRIST IS MY GOD, MY LORD, MY SAVIOR

  25. Zombielaxitive1 says:

    I want your cock.

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