Apple apple Aaa from Sounds Like Learning CD



This helps the child decode the letter and sounds. Remember, this is all a new experience to them and all is like a foreign language. This video will help your child to take ownership of the English language.
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25 Responses to Apple apple Aaa from Sounds Like Learning CD

  1. jho449 says:

    very nice version,,,, my 3 yr old daughter love this so much

  2. prettyme4387 says:


  3. canadile says:

    its a log song and for babys for 12345

  4. xRyan5 says:

    Why am I still watching this?

  5. idlefiono says:

    my daughter loves this..00

  6. inthira0124 says:

    V v. Hbll

  7. barbaramilne says:

    Am glad you enjoy my video. We do not offer it on teachertube, but I do offer video DVDs on my website that are used by many teachers, and may work for you. Thank you again for your comments.

  8. klwelmo1 says:

    I teach kindergarten & we sing this song everyday. Is this available on TeacherTube since YouTube is blocked by my school district.

  9. filmtaker42 says:

    My son’s SPED class uses this song all the time, I’m wondering if you ever did a version with signs attached to it? Because is is a Special Needs class they do it with the signs as well as the words. Thank you

  10. mixaleena says:

    We used to listen to this song when my son was about 18 months old…and maybe a handful of times since then. The other day he (now 2 1/2) just starting singing it randomly to my husband! I thought it was so cute…they really do pick up and remember these things!

  11. nuclearrace says:

    @barbaramilne My 17 month daughter knows this song and constantly sings it at the top of her lungs even in the supermarket much to the delight of staff and other customers. Have downloaded most of your albums from iTunes. Wonderful job, Thank you Barbara.

  12. ViperStingUK says:

    Apple apple a a a

  13. Theshofumiah1 says:

    P for paddle, LOL. so americanfied. My son calls it a KEY! P should of been for Penguine or Pencil……

  14. 7324lilo says:


  15. 18yentisu says:


  16. augine09 says:

    because of this video, my 12 month baby could now follow some of the objects here and she can name it… thanks ms. milne

  17. TheMicielblog says:

    this song touch my heart and i miss my cousins when i hear this

  18. lenardpatnude says:

    I learned how to read aroubd the age of 3 and this song helped me.

  19. Anne0279 says:

    i am a nanny of a 14 months old boy and he loves this song very much.

  20. cjmshop18 says:

    nice abc song!!!! my 19 mo. old grandchild appreciated this very much. Thanks for this wonderful phonic song.More power to you!

  21. mimiberdin68 says: nephew really like this….

  22. christopherlapointe says:

    @mimiberdin68 i meant its great and i dont kno whow people hit the dislike button

  23. iloveitaly555 says:

    i was so tired so i watched this to remember what i was doing

  24. zKodla says:


  25. christopherlapointe says:

    how can you dislike this?

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