Another Day with Olga Kay – Apple had S3X with KIWI


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25 Responses to Another Day with Olga Kay – Apple had S3X with KIWI

  1. adigirl145 says:

    I lone u mommy

  2. raybayheyhey says:

    I love you moosh mommy:)

  3. cupcakecraze51 says:

    moosh mommy can you tell me where you got your kiwapples from because they look good!! :)

  4. avapops01 says:

    i love my moosh mommy olga kay

  5. TheLMfaOSHO says:

    @CoDsTyX But if you get higher than the amount of soap, she starts over.

  6. Disturbed1forever says:

    Why does everyone around the world call them Kiwis over here in New Zealand we call them kiwi fruit not just kiwi well at least the people i know do

  7. MangoMustang says:

    Lol pause at 3:00 lol moosh

  8. SuperShaned123 says:

    yay coffe smell lol apple and kiwi had kid

  9. SuperShaned123 says:

    yay coffe smell lol

  10. SpOrTsGiRLChArLeY says:

    where do u get the baby kiwis?

  11. smiliman80 says:

    i want a kiwapple

  12. TheFredlovers123 says:

    Baby kiwis are awesome and soo delicious

  13. SOFIAAAA says:

    WOW i wanna try those kiwiapples lol

  14. partygurlXka says:


    most sexy face ever. loll.!


    @mickeynz yea i know i think they were from china originally but now i think most kiwi fruit production is done by Zespri here in nz

  16. MsGrunz says:

    Aww Kiwapples <3 :)

  17. TheNJMac says:

    Did simone already win the skelanimal?

  18. Jaclyn980 says:

    I wonder who our ‘Moosh Daddy’ will be

  19. toazn4you says:

    It reminds me of a kumquat

  20. TheNJMac says:

    Please can I have te skelanimal??? Mooosh army will dominte!!!

  21. mckenzie1181 says:

    my moosh mommy likes kiwapples :D lol i do too

  22. xomg7news says:

    you mean crab-apples?

  23. LillyRoxYo9 says:

    They miqht have breeded apple with kiwi But the baby kiwapples had the looks of their daddy the apple & the taste of their yummy mommy kiwi :D

  24. Ruzalify says:

    @maxdubman those are fucking awesome. the crunch lioke an apple and taste like a pear

  25. maxdubman says:

    Once I had an apple-pear. It was a breed of an apple and a pear. Man apple is a playaaa

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