AeroGrip and Transition iPhone 4 Cases from Cygnett (Review)


The Transition is a snap on iPhone 4 case. It hard plastic material that’s flexible and still plastic stiff. The case has a soft-rubber texture, which provides good grip. The design has a subtle gradient pattern of dots from solid gray to black. The Transition is available in white or black (pictured) and retails for .99. The AeroGrip is new hardshell case for the iPhone 4.

The case snaps on the back of the iPhone and has a glossy plastic finish. The grip part of the case involves dimples that run along the sides of the phone. High-gloss cases can get a little slick in the hand, and these dimples seem some grip. The case is made of polycarbonate and features smooth plastic corners.

The AeroGrip is available in yellow, white (pictured) red, purple, and black and retails for .99.
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25 Responses to AeroGrip and Transition iPhone 4 Cases from Cygnett (Review)

  1. poshpantspaddy says:

    Great vid. I’ve ordered a new iPhone 4s in white and am struggling to find a nice case. Would be great if you could do a vid on the best cases for the white iPhone! Please

  2. crow56ify says:

    Test and keep an iPhone 4s for free at fresh-phones(dot)com

  3. marwal1996 says:

    @NewVegasFan101 12.10.11

  4. gaea2007vm says:

    Are you planning on reviewing the Lifeproof case? I was interested in that one (I’m really goofy and apparently it’s pretty shock resistant), especially compared against the otterbox commuter/reflex…

  5. swtsilver116 says:


  6. ItsALolish says:

    R.I.P. Steve Jobs. :(

  7. BrianAnthony2010 says:

    @TrenttonY I was hoping there would be a redesigned iPhone too. I didn’t look at the time of the comment. Sorry.

  8. TrenttonY says:

    @BrianAnthony2010 I posted that comment the day before the new iPhone, thinking it would be a different design.

  9. BrianAnthony2010 says:

    @TrenttonY iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s will get the same case… so there are many more iPhone 4/4s case reviews to come to YouTube land.

  10. TomKellyShow says:

    I did an iPhone 4s parody on my channel would love to know what you guys think. Gave you guys a “like” vote if you want to return the favor. Tom

  11. LUK3W4RN says:

    @Rockytofu I’vo got that too.. ??

  12. teocal457 says:


  13. bryansoccerpro680 says:

    its the iphone 4s just like wat they did to the 3g

    no iphone 5 it iphone 4s

  14. mitchishell says:

    @1theunknownone1 It’s not coming out today. It’s being announced.

  15. 1theunknownone1 says:

    Why is everyone reviewing iPhone cases even though the iPhone 5′s coming out today?

  16. iapplekid says:

    @Rockytofu what’s wrong with that?!

  17. 9fodbold9 says:

    YAY! iPhone case reviews again:)

  18. wwwinsanelygreatmac says:

    This may shock you guys, but the iPhone 4 isn’t going anywhere. People will still want cases. 

  19. CalenderJuiceSheena says:

    Great review Mike!

  20. techkid78 says:

    @Rockytofu beta……….

  21. LMDNYC82 says:

    @Rockytofu you didn’t catch anything exclusive, he has like 10 videos reviewing iOS 5 from his phone

  22. moralesparra84 says:

    He ha$ to do this video

  23. firecracka123k says:


  24. TheOfficialiGuy says:

    iPhone 4……..stop living in the past!!!

  25. Klonezeehx2 says:

    the transition is waht i always wanted?! gahhh went through so many cases and i find it now?! n when the new iphiones coming out -sigh-

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