A celebration of Steve’s life (Apple, Cupertino, 10/19/2011) HD


Thanks to Steve Jobs from all over the world. Thank you Tim! Thank you Apple! Watch the special event, filmed live at the Apple campus in Cupertino, California. Original broadcast on Apple site: events.apple.com.edgesuite.net
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25 Responses to A celebration of Steve’s life (Apple, Cupertino, 10/19/2011) HD

  1. deepen47 says:

    i cannot say about others but he changed me, he changed my way of thinking. when i touch the iphone the icon came on my mind “steve jobs” … he didn’t changed the world.. he changed the thoughts, thinking, and belief on technology of the people…he showed us the path saying” guys look! what could u do further more?” what he had created is not the devices, that is the part of our life. i think i lost a icon,we lost a teacher,the world lost a genius, and Apple lost a creator..
    thanks steve jobs!

  2. AMNZ72 says:

    steve jobs last words about apple not thinking about what he would do when hes gone are powerful. hes obviously a hard act to follow for what hes done for apple and the technological world. whoever takes over has humungous shoes to fill but they need to take the company to the next level and beyond whatever that looks like. jobs was an outside-the-box big-picture-thinker and that was a big part of his genius. actually having the balls to think like that. look at his results. r.i.p steve n thx.

  3. TheAppleByter1 says:

    “Because people enough crazy to think they can change the world.. are the ones who do.”

  4. TheAppleByter1 says:

    @pizza14fer he is so right

  5. najeebputhiyallam says:

    back to work after this event????? oh comon :D

  6. 13prama says:

    Walt Disney, Disney was paralyzed. Steve shook them to not think what would Disney do, but rather do what’s right. Of course Toy story and other animation was not made by Steve Job, he’s a CEO not an Animator…

    For My Las Sentence, You’re an idiot, an ass,
    I’m Off Biatch! (I really meant to say Bi-atch)

  7. 13prama says:

    A genius may be someone who see and do things differently. And strive for it
    Steve Jobs is in my opinion one of the best example of genius in our era,
    If you really watch the video, the closest people to Steve said that steve is the most Detailed, Disciplined, and Creative CEO they’ve ever worked with. On what based you, someone who only use his product to say he is a louzy CEO?

    And Pixar, Again if you watch the video Steve Jobs made a breakthrough with Disney because after the lost of…

  8. 13prama says:

    @Biffo347 at least have some respect. Steve Jobs was a great man. I have to say you;re right about on or two things about he made things that is already there. But most people ignore these things, take table iPhone for example. There was PDA, there was idea of touchscreen phone before, but people don’t think about making a heat-based touch screen so they dont need stylus anymore. Steve did!

    A Genius is someone who see thing differently, one does not need to make something out of thin air.

  9. shewolfen1 says:



  10. Biffo347 says:

    @bloodymoon06 If you have not anything constructive to say than “wow, you are an idiot” I can teach a Parrot to say that.

  11. Biffo347 says:

    @Nathansusername Can you not come up with something better than “Your an ass” or are you just a little bit short of vocabulary.

  12. Biffo347 says:

    @shewolfen1 I am only expressing my opinion,and what i wrote was the Truth if you did your homework you will find i am right. I will ask you a question. Death keeps two children under his cloak name them,and which one does he tell you to be aware of?

  13. Watcherblood says:

    steve job was amazing person who was a great CEO that apple ever had in their life we all miss you steve and now he gone he can what he can he new what will happen to him he was amazing person in world who created all the greatus technology in the world he was great and lovelying person

  14. mxcnrd says:

    the dislike is actually people who dislike job’s death. They wished that job is still with us. :)

  15. chengyee2002 says:

    i cant believe how many times i’ve cried watching this…

  16. MophieZ says:

    I’ve never met steve but I feel like I’ve lost a person in my life. He’s such an inspiration to me and I’m gonna follow my dream no matter what just like he did.

  17. Hanamichi101 says:

    C’mon there is nothing to dislike about this.

  18. SlatanikkaThePedo says:

    @shewolfen1 huh? sir, how many times have your antics landed you an article on the front page of wired? Sir, I have, twice. You have no idea whom you are talking to, but I will enjoy this anonymity and laugh at you.

  19. pacek1234 says:

    i want Coldplay at my funeral :)

  20. Indescive says:

    4 people use windows ;)

  21. Nathansusername says:

    @Biffo347 your an ass

  22. bloodymoon06 says:

    @Biffo347 wow, you are an idiot!

  23. shewolfen1 says:


  24. shewolfen1 says:


  25. SlatanikkaThePedo says:

    @shewolfen1 sorry you cloned, mindless, apple user, Im running a PC , but I use DEBIAN.

    Not all PC`s run Microsoft, contrary to what you Apple users have been brainwashed to believe by silly apple propaganda. And my PC was build in my garage and its the only one like it buddy.

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