50 Things to do with Apple iPad




Picking The Right RAID Mode, Roku Gets More Affordable, Steve Jobs: 720p is the New HD! Apple TV 2.0, Plex:


25 Responses to 50 Things to do with Apple iPad

  1. ImpatientNinja says:

    ummm…. u can BUY movies and shows on your itunes and stream to your apple tv. BAM! lawyered!

  2. ilikecheetos12 says:

    apple tv is such a joke. Even with a jailbroken apple tv with custom htpc software, i wouldnt want one.

  3. sweetweeddream says:

    f u apples

  4. sweetweeddream says:

    omg pl grow fegitables apples,yumyum suk apple is it so pure…hate that.smoke weed and chill.hakuna matata, aloa,

  5. recepesek says:

    18:54 awsome BOb marley:D

  6. BobTheTechDude says:

    Stumbled on this video from Diggnation. Good to see Patrick Norton again. Haven’t seen him since The Screensaver days.

  7. amusingisthedawn says:

    do you need one of those boxes; apple tv, roku, etc. to link streaming HD to your tv? can’t you just use a really good video card on your PC with hdmi out?

  8. yarodarpia says:

    watch that here a=v=a=t=z.net remove =

  9. ivisionfilmz says:

    sex tv

  10. helaribuska says:

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  11. euanlake says:

    Theres a full video tutorial on how to install Plex on the Apple TV by iphoneblogr. Simply search iphoneblogr and it’s on their videos page! Enjoy!

  12. FlorisFloFlokker says:

    Why so much hate on 720p your youtube movie doesnt have 1080p ….

  13. dxgbfhsdgfdg says:

    Ready to night party and meet naughty women mworld5.info

  14. boulderbum7 says:

    Um, you can still buy content, you just do it via the iTunes store on your computer and stream it. Easy peasy.

  15. chaoshax14 says:

    Damn I love blu ray rips, think that is why I have torrent leech MEH!

  16. amoghthegamer says:

    Apple got a lot right like the ipod, iphone and mac but the apple tv will always BE A FAIL!

  17. hamstanz says:

    Yeah out of sync and also Why at 3:25 does it say buy HD movie if you cannot buy im confused.

  18. blockemall says:

    My 2TB external hard drive can handle A LOT more apple content than a dinky 160 GB Apple TV box.

  19. Babygirlsdreams says:

    Wondering if you could review the Xvt553SV from vizio. Or could you possibly do a comparison between the XVT3 vs LE8500. Both seem to be very affordable but I want to know which has better picture quality.

  20. z5i says:

    so, since its finally got down to price, people will buy it, you can think about first 199-299 for it and then 5 $ for a movie, yeah. but now its 99$ then its better than ever. Lulz wierd

  21. lzymxn says:

    Plex is just xbmc its basically the same, even the default skin is taken from xbmc, i prefer boxee which is just another implement of xbmc although its branched off and developed to the point that it can be seen as a standalone now

  22. negativefps says:

    The chubby guys glasses have squished the upper part of his face. Lol

  23. DarkMerchant2222 says:

    audio out of sync

  24. Eightpspi says:

    Damn ya voice was out of sync. But good show

  25. germanplumber says:

    I wish they would seperate the show before from the rest of TeKHD. It’s annoying to have to try and find the new HD nation episodes.

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