11″ Apple MacBook Air Review (2011)


This is my full review of the latest 11″ MacBook Air featuring an Intel Core i5 1.6GHz Dual-Core CPU, 4GB RAM and 128GB of Solid State Flash Storage. I’m using iStat Menus 3 to monitor my system
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Live Link: cnettv.cnet.com At the WWDC conference in San Francisco, Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveils iTunes Match, part of the company’s new iCloud service. For a .99 annual fee, users can use iTunes Match to scan their music library for non-iTunes purchased songs. Apple then provides a DRM-free file of those songs for access from iCloud.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


50 Responses to 11″ Apple MacBook Air Review (2011)

  1. MegaRockstar56 says:

    i run quad-core amd apu with vision a6 4g of ddr3 1333 mhz ram and amd radeon discrete graphics.

  2. lawlthedamian329 says:

    really turbo boost to 2.3GHz my 2009 dell normal at 2.20GHz and it was 500$

  3. ChemicalJehuty says:

    Thumbs up if you tried moving your mouse at 3:15

  4. alys951 says:

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  5. jesmas92 says:

    @jam3s333 microsoft word on a mac :P and no you don’t really need this one for that kind of stuff :P

  6. CAMRON578 says:

    do you think this is a good buy because in another video they said it gets slow and i dont want that in my computer.

  7. ddaavvaa774 says:

    answer my comment with a ”<3” and ill subsribe to ya

  8. minde28383 says:

    how it cools cpu? does it have fan? noisy fan?

  9. Cybersix1980 says:

    wow … awesome review …. one question … would you say this is a good laptop for web designing and using adobe flash and photoshop ???

  10. jam3s333 says:

    I am a 14 year old lad, who needs a new laptop to just surf the web, go on Facebook and YouTube, and also to do homework on programmes like Microsoft word. In your opinion, would you recommend this for me? Also, do you think 11.6 inches is too small?

  11. BoostedDubstep says:

    at 1:30 what is the green thing ? It looks like a 320m from the early 11 version, but the new one doesn’t have it… It looks strangely different inside than the older version, somebody knows ?

  12. leyo808 says:

    Can the base model run The Sims 3?

  13. TheDom4224 says:

    very nice

  14. ohChrome says:

    Im 1000 Like <3

  15. sabharwal2 says:

    @bryanthomas108 i thought u were singint lamb chop

  16. ImaginarYxGoddesS says:

    @SoSaysKyle You should definitely get the cheaper one.

  17. Crazydogzep says:

    @HamoodQ8yTube It is great for college if you travel on a bike a lot and if your O.K. with the small screen.

  18. HamoodQ8yTube says:

    would anyone recommend this for a collage student ?


    Minecraft is the only game I play, how would it perform on the base MBA? Because it doesn’t perform very well on my Compaq Presario CQ62…

  20. SoSaysKyle says:

    should i get a 64gb or 128gb? The only things i really save on my computer are photos and videos and music. music is less than 2gb and have less than 100 photos for sure! I have some 720p videos. I do vlogs and edit in iMovie. i i were the get the 64gb i would upgrade to 4gb of ram so for $100 more is the double storage worth it?

  21. Mu5ik4Life says:

    @itsnickyeah yup, they have sd card readers that plug into usb ports :)

  22. itsnickyeah says:

    PLEASE RESPOND! Is there a USB 2.0 to SD Card Slot cables out there? Or and Thunderbolt to SD Card Slots?

  23. MrQ8center says:

    nice video .. thank you . will the 13″ model also doesn’t require asking to put it out in airport security ?

  24. Kazjyakun says:

    Good review man, subscribed!

  25. Techylicious says:

    can I have a smooth photoshop with this?

  26. kailabreece says:

    is it ONLY music? When will they match video?

  27. taihonghong says:

    Always clapping. lol

  28. Vasilkov01 says:

    r.i.p :C

  29. UFCMexicanFighter1 says:

    I had an iPod touch and I bought movies on to it and then I gave it to my mom but she wants everything on there deleted but I don’t know how to transfer the movies into iTunes how to I do this?

  30. m46279 says:

    The fawning audience makes me feel like I’m watching a late-night infomercial.

  31. peiklk says:

    If they match your songs, what happens to your tags? For example many wrongly file Billy Joel under “B”… I correctly tag it as Joel, Billy so it shows under the “J” section. Will Apple’s version be correctly tagged?

  32. mting923 says:

    My Jobs…. miss you~~

  33. HumalDiscover says:

  34. Sportsman13able says:

    hey steve jobs ever heard of megaupload and mediafire it;s free

  35. proudy97 says:

    @raketenDK THey can be uploaded too.

  36. raketenDK says:

    what about songs downloaded from p2p?

  37. crazygary69 says:

    @IamMeUareYou iPod Touch will NEVER get 3G idiot. Or you could just name it the iPhone. God some people are stupid as fuck.

  38. 100sickness says:

    I see this video now and a tear pops out on my eye :’(

  39. trollope4lyf2k8 says:

    id love to see him make a full recovery, n get beefy as fuck, you never know

  40. ruanfernando says:

    @IamMeUareYou Well, I’ve done some research and actually it seems that you can download the songs. If you stop paying you also can keep them, so…

  41. IamMeUareYou says:

    @ruanfernando so basically its now just like home sharing (listening to songs without downloading them) but whereever you are in a good quality?… so only the iPhone and 3G iPad actually really gets a good deal, but this supports the rumour that the iPod touch is getting 3G.

  42. ruanfernando says:

    @IamMeUareYou I believe that you can’t download the songs, they’re gonna provide them by streaming. And if you stop paying, you don’t get them anymore

  43. Frostbite720 says:

    Over 18 million songs, but no damn AC/DC

  44. JohnHFilms says:

    “A bunch of [pirated] music”

  45. IamMeUareYou says:

    @rawraw50 same!

  46. rawraw50 says:

    @IamMeUareYou seriously i was thinking the same thing … i gotta try this!

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