iPhone How To: Official iPhone Unlock [All iPhones]


Get your iPhone working on any network you want, usually for free. UK iPhone Unlock Websites: O2: shop.o2.co.uk Orange: Please call them on usual Orange customer services number – the unlock website is very hard to find! Tesco: phone-shop.tesco.com Vodafone: forum.vodafone.co.uk (iPhone 3GS unlocking available via normal contact methods, same as iPhone 4) Very good luck to everyone! And please, THUMBS UP, and SUBSCRIBE! More information: This process is completely legal and official. You can update your iPhone all you want and iPhone warranty is still intact. This is NOT jail breaking!
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The Gevey Sim ( $ 27,95) is currently your only option to unlock the iPhone 4 with 4.3.3 iOs version and latest baseband. Unlock your iPhone 4 today with our Gevey Pro Sim and use any carrier, any simcard in your iPhone 4 ! Only ,- Movie shows iOS version 4.3.1 But it works perfectly upto version 4.3.3


50 Responses to iPhone How To: Official iPhone Unlock [All iPhones]

  1. MediaMocker says:

    mr bean :)

  2. dukoduli says:


    try ebay unlock iphone o2

  3. MyRandomReviews says:

    @pinkfairyice – A pay and go SIM would certainly cost a bomb if you’re using it for the internet. Why not connect your iPhone to a Wifi router instead?

  4. pinkfairyice says:

    How do you think I can get internet on my iPhone 3gs?
    I had my iPhone on 24month contract, I switched to the blackberry on vodafone contract as I could get a cheaper deal than all iPhones on the market. I kept my iPhone for the iPod. I ask this because I want to download an app, but it will only let me download it on the iPhone which I need internet for…not on my macbook. Do you think it would work using a pay as you go sim and doing it that way (although quite teadius and expensive)?

  5. crugga says:

    Cheers mate, much appreciated. :)

  6. MyRandomReviews says:

    @crugga – It’s definitely better to get him to unlock the phone. The terms and conditions seem to say that after the “owner” of the phone has owned it for X months “THEY” are eligible for an unlock. Plus this way you will avoid having to explain why you need this phone that doesn’t belong to you (in their records) needs unlocking.
    Thanks! :)

  7. crugga says:

    Hospital webcast: Man with taste.
    But back to the subject, I gave my 3gs a full wash and spin at 60 degrees. House insurance are paying out but i’m gonna hold out for the Iphone 5 but want something to keep me going.
    Mate has offered me a white 3gs for £130 which is giveaway and I will have regardless but its on o2. He had it on contract which is now ran out. Will I be able to get it unblocked or would it be better to get him to do so?

  8. VinnysGrlfriend says:

    ugh i just want to throw my iphone… like.. it says the sim card thats inserted in the iphone does not appear to be supported. wtf?? someone help me :((.. yes i did plug it the usb or wutever its called… i was restoring it becuz it was acting weird.. so then when its done restoring.. i did everything n now its.. wtf?? SOMEONE HELP ME ASAP!!>

  9. inamedin123 says:

    I bought an iphone 4 in Britain locked to o2. But I live in Norway and I cant access the website because it says they do not sell products outside the United Kingdom. can anyone help me? :)

  10. MyRandomReviews says:

    @gryzman – Your contract must be finished (completely over) before the law states that the network MUST unlock the phone for free when asked.

  11. gryzman says:

    was just asked for £20 from orange. on contract, over 12 months now.

  12. MyCoolMac says:

    Is this unlock permanent? I mean if you upgrade the iPhone firmware do you get rid of the unlock?

  13. knighty2009bling says:

    i used to have that t-shirt

  14. MyRandomReviews says:

    @OmPlictisit – Sarcasm? :P

  15. OmPlictisit says:

    nice voice! :))

  16. seadragonboy42 says:

    @MyRandomReviews Thats a will do but i wont be for while lol

  17. MyRandomReviews says:

    @seadragonboy42 – I hope they keep their good reputation for coverage and internet in the US too. Tell me how you get on. :)

  18. seadragonboy42 says:

    @MyRandomReviews Well ill have to give t-mobile a try :D

  19. MyRandomReviews says:

    @seadragonboy42 I live in the UK so I can’t really pass judgement although I know that Sprint are investing in 4G WiMax; which I think is a big mistake. WiMax is a much less expandable / future-proof technology compared to LTE. I am with Vodafone in the UK and they are excellent, but I can’t pass judgement again on their American efforts (namely Verizon). My favourite network for a long time have been T-Mobile, just because of their utterly brilliant mobile internet, again not sure of T-Mo USA.

  20. seadragonboy42 says:

    @MyRandomReviews I think i got it unlocked fully and im defiantly changing my carrier because AT&T really does suck lol Any idea’s on which carrier i should choose?

  21. MyRandomReviews says:

    @seadragonboy42 – If you bought the phone from AT&T you’ll have to get it unlocked by AT&T, wherever you buy the phone from you must get it unlocked by that company, as they’re the one’s who locked it.
    By what I’ve heard though, AT&T never unlock their iPhones (which is a disgrace).
    If you manage to get it fully unlocked you’ll be able to swap different SIMs in and out and not have to worry about it locking again.

  22. seadragonboy42 says:

    Okay so i live in The Untied States and im on AT&T prepaid and i really want to unlock my iphone 2g it was unlocked till i restored by accident. So i i buy a T-mobile sim card i will be able to have it fully unlocked and i can use t-moblie as my carrier? or can i switch back to AT&T? Please get back to me ASAP Thanks man :D

  23. akashstephen99 says:

    Yep iPhone 4 is avaliable Unloked By APPLE OFFICALY

  24. MyRandomReviews says:

    @101metalboy101 – It is fully unlocked now and will not lock to any other network.

  25. 101metalboy101 says:

    Is it now locked to t mobile? or can you swap networks as much as you like now??

  26. Funfen0 says:

    hello, do i have to keep the gevey chip install at all times? or after following this process the phone is permanently unlock? can someone verify this. thanks

  27. all4jesus12 says:

    It work!!!, but every time I call, they can’t see my Phone number, It shows them “private number” how can I fix it?? I know if before the number I dial *82 then the number they can see my number, but I need to make work like is supposed to!!
    I’m using T-mobile!!!

  28. koozie11 says:

    What happens when the new iPhone firware comes out (4.3.4 or what-have-you) and you want to update to it, will this accommodate to that as well or will we have to wait for gevey to release another sim?

  29. tringuyen552911 says:

    so the sim that you used in the first place to unlock it must be from ATT? Can I remove the gevey sim after the iphone is unlocked?

  30. diegosvega says:

    ou will always have to have the chip with the gevey to use the phone?? Thank you

  31. JDMDriftRace says:

    so gevey pro works with 4.3 what about the normal gevey?

  32. Unlockaniphone says:

    @ZoorGoo this can only happen with older Gevey’s on 4.3.3. with baseband 4.10.01 – the Gevey Pro has these issues fixed

  33. Unlockaniphone says:

    @Awaken2Davy463 It doesnt have to be the Gevey Pro. the regular Gevey will also work with some 4.3.3 iPhones, the Gevey Pro is more stable, is compatible with more carriers and has some bugs fixed.

  34. todicamer says:

    @Awaken2Davy463 I tested today firmware 4.3.3, Baseband 4 with gevey no pro. It works ok

  35. Unlockaniphone says:

    @birthdaythesuit00 yes after you unlock your iPhone you can use any simcard and any carrier in your iPhone

  36. mayell94 says:

    do you have to leave the gevey sim inside or can you just put in the sim on its own after?

  37. birthdaythesuit00 says:

    ya, so now that you have an unlocked phone you can make phone calls? i’m lost.

  38. Awaken2Davy463 says:

    does the sim card have to be gevey pro?

  39. mouradito1985 says:

    pas de nouvelle sur la base band 02.10.04???

  40. leperkuan says:

    @ZoorGoo when ur signal bars pop up go into airplane mode for 1 minute than back out

  41. ZoorGoo says:

    @aztecpower666 it does work…but it keeps giving u no service after few min which makes u do the whole thing again…so yah not good

  42. brar1996 says:

    @aztecpower666 ur baseband is probably 04.10.01

  43. Unlockaniphone says:

    vaiodesony: theoretically this will unlock the iPhone 3G and 3Gs as well ( baseband is exact the same) But practially it wont work, since this is a small sim that is made to fit the iPhone 4 ( iPhone 4 carries smaller sim card size)

  44. therarename says:


  45. vaiodesony says:

    Can this be done on a 3GS ?

  46. FreeTipsNoTricks says:

    i dont get any of that if you go and see my video of it not working for me and if you can help please???????

  47. oyalWoytow says:

    you deserve a chocolate chip cookie for making this video!

  48. eidaNovick says:

    wow dude XD?

  49. Brancatis says:

    Hey Man, you are a fu*kin’ genius!!!!!!! Greetings from Italy.?

  50. mileStensl says:

    so wonderful

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