How to Unlock iPhone


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  1. ristakis007 says: for free unloac jailbreak free

  2. agoodson71 says:

    What kind of name is MacMasi & Stool?

  3. feliphebrettas says:


  4. mrhippo85 says:


  5. MoneyGetsYourDaddy says:

    You are nub dude…. u want that we complete some survey and u get money for it

  6. ferarry13 says:

    id rather smash it against the wall than watch this video

  7. ShaunaSandVid says:

    I put in a super long time.

    This is what all I came up with here: If you are lookin’ to unlock just use softunlock. com

    If you are wanting to jailbreak iPhones then use this: softjailbreak. com You’re going to love the fact that they are free and both work like a charm!

  8. TheMarkPhilips says:

    yeah right why don’t you unlock at unlockiphone4-now

  9. logjam8800 says:

    I spent what really seemed like forever.

    This is what I learned: If you want to unlock iPhones I suggest I recommend softunlock. com

    If you want to jailbreak it go with softjailbreak. com You’re going to love the fact that the work and don’t cost a single penny.

  10. logjam8800 says:

    I scoured the internet for an eternity!

    Here’s what I discovered. To unlock I’d say I suggest softunlock. com For those of you wanting to jailbreak go with softjailbreak. com

    You will like that theare free and they work.

  11. gregson1885 says:

    #LOL This jailbreak doesnt work anymore!

    Google kittyra1n

    then click “unlock your iPhone”

  12. clubpenguinrocksful says:


  13. clubpenguinrocksful says:


  14. cosmicshifting says:

    you stupid bollox, U cant see what you are doing, and the music is driving me feckin are an idiot..fuck off

  15. SuperRedZero says:

    People, stop jailbreaking ipods! The people making these apps work for who knows how long? And then you just go and get it for free?! You’re just destroying the economy!

  16. olivia12oli says:

    To.,Easy’.Unlock,.Your.;iPhone.,And,;Jailbreak.,You.,Can,;Use.,This.,Site.;Online.,Quick.,And,;Easy WWW.UNLOCK-IPHO­NE.ORG It.;WOrked.,For.’Me #FTW

  17. twoliterpeter says:

    your an IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. mikeyjones9823 says:

    if you guys want a totally free porn app on the iPhone, just open safari and navigate to, by far the best one, your welcome!

  19. MrSpidermale says:

    simply goto unlockiphone4-now com

  20. saiyanpunkgirl18 says:

    Do you know how to set a complete song as a ringtone? Cause I can’t do it on my phone. It can only set incomplete songs as a ringtone.

  21. MrOkiangga says:

    hey guys, i want to share you something, how to unlock IPhone.
    i ended up using unlockyourappleiphone. com

    because it is very easy and works within five minutes.
    you have to try it !!

  22. h3nry05 says:

    hey dont buy any shit from this sites,the unlock software for iphone is always free,you can get it on cydia if your iphone is already jailbreak,and if you dont know how to do it just send me a message and i will help you for free,this guy is gona charge you and this sites are bullshit,the unlock soft ware is always free just seach on youtube there is alot of tutorias there,the unlock sofware is always gona be free and never will be any charge

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