Van Buren – An Introduction

Triple Entendre iPhone appsI would like to take this opportunity to allow myself to introduce… myself. I’m a new writer here at iPwnGames (and in the blogosphere in general), and I’m looking forward to sharing my views and insights with you, the readers. First, a little bit of background. I’m an attorney, or at least I used to be. I’m currently working as an app developer for the Van Buren Boys – a development company started by myself and another attorney. I taught myself objective C, and started programming for the iPhone in 2011. Since then, the Van Buren Boys have released numerous apps in the iTunes app store, under the Triple Entendre brand. We have had some success and some failure. Certainly I have learned a lot about the processess of coding, submitting, and marketing in the mobile gaming space.


As far as programming, I have experience with BASIC (thank you Commodore 64), Pascal, C++, visual basic, and now objective C. But this site is not really about programming – rather, its about games. I’m not the greatest gamer in the world, certainly. However, I do have 30+ years experience obsessively playing all sorts of video games, from the afore-mentioned Commodore 64, to the PC an Mac, the SEGA Master System (and of course the NES), the Turbo Graphx (Express!) and Genesis, Xbox (and both iterations thereof), Playstation (I,II, and III), and Wii. I would guess that most of you have similar gaming pedigrees.

As I stepped more into the adult world of work and family, my time for console games waned. In order to get my gaming fix, I began, in about 2005, playing more games on my cell phone (at the time, a Palm Treo). The benefit of being able to play a game at any time, anywhere, outweighed the graphical and game play limitations presented by that particular phone. When I bought my first iPhone, in 2008, my obsession with mobile gaming only increased.

So here I am, now writing for your favorite (maybe?) site about iPhone games. I hope you will enjoy reading my reviews and articles as much as I anticipate that I will enjoy writing them. I hope that the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams. I hope you all go and check out Triple Entendre in the App Store. I hope.


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