Popular GTA III Will Be Available for iPhone 4S

Iphone 4S GTA III

RockStar, the developer of widely appreciated Grand Theft Auto series, announced recently that ten-year-old GTA III would reach the mobile devices.

The game will be supported by Apple’s iPhone 4S and iPad 2 as well as Android smartphones (Droid X2, HTC Evo 2, LG Optimus 2X, Motorola Atrix, Samsung Galaxy S2) and tablets (Acer Iconia, Asus Eee Pad, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1). For Apple it is not the first time when a GTA game is offered to users. GTA: China Town Wars, a stylized 2D version is available in AppStore for $9.99. This time, GTA III 3D game promise to make the best out of iPhone 4S and iPad 2’s powerful A5 processor and impressive graphic features.

With the release of the game, RockStar announced an action figure featuring the game’s protagonist Claude will also be available for the fans. The price tag of $149.99 will really test the enthusiasm of the gamers, but the doll… sorry, the action figure is advertised as a highly detailed, limited edition item, meant to attract collectors. Claude comes with its own wardrobe, too. And if this sounds too girly, you should know that the heavy arsenal from the game will be available too: bat, knife, grenades, pistol, sniper rifle, and assault rifle.

Iphone 4S GTA III

The loyal fans should remember GTA III made history a decade ago, when it changed the gamers’ perspective in many ways. GTA III, released in 2001 simultaneously on PC, PlayStation and Xbox, introduced true three-dimensional gameplay, allowing the player to control the game via a third-person perspective. Now you can pack all these memories of hours of playing under the personality of bad-boy Claude and enjoy your favourite game on mobile. On the other hand, if you are a first timer and missed all six episodes of the GTAIII Era maybe you will find a way to discover the life of crime from Liberty City.


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