Bumps–A Simpler Time For Physics Puzzles


Bumps ($0.99) by Utopian Games is a new physics based puzzle game which are all the rage in the App Store, but have you ever wanted one a little simpler; more geared towards younger players? Well Bumps may just be it, as you mainly deal with just one physics property, and that’s gravity. You simply place the Bumps in places where they will drop into platforms, and be propelled to collect all the keys in a level.

There are 54 levels across six environments, but they all have basically the same mechanic. You can only collect colored keys with the right colored bump, and your goal is to save the captured bumps from the clutches of aliens. There are also unlock able mini games including air hockey, pinball, and break out.

As you go along the levels start to meld together because the mechanic is relatively simplistic. With that said it sounds perfect for a younger audience, but the same challenge might not be there for adults. Every level requires you to bounce off something to propel the properly named bumps to the keys.

ou can also bump the bumps together for propulsion whether it’s little bumps or big bumps. The later levels give you more colored bumps, and more keys to collect and it’s nice to have a level set up with even a simple story, and a destination point.

Between areas there are special tilt based levels where you control a jet pack powered bump against one alien ship. The game is worth considering depending on if you want a more kid friendly physics based puzzle game. With that said though it’s only $0.99 there are better choices in the App Store for that $1.


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