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How to Open URLs in Google Chrome Instead Of Safari in iPhone and iPad

You’ve used Google Chrome and are amazed by it. But this iPhone won’t let you open links on Google Chrome for iOS by default. Mobile Safari is just too persistent and not letting you open links on Google Chrome for

Make Google Chrome Default Browser in iPhone and iPad

It’s amazing how the jailbreak community works so fast in getting feature up that would be grabbed my millions. In fact, after our Google Chrome review [Google chrome review link], we thought it would be very nice if it was

Safari Download Manager Now Compatible with iOS 5

The Safari Download Manager Cydia tweak has been one of the most downloaded tweaks on Cydia. It’s a powerful tweak that allows users to download files directly within Mobile Safari, much like the regular PC / Mac Safari. There was

Transform iOS 5 into iOS 6 with ‘iOS 6 Theme’

Now, while the brave and the crazy have gone on to break the firmwares and install iOS 6 betas on their iPhones, there have been many of us who’ve refrained from going near iOS 6 for the moment. Jailbreak is

Security Update for Mountain Lion Preview 4 Released | Apple’s Security Page Changes Content

Apple released a security update for the Mountain Lion close on the heels of the Flashback botnet security threat. The update should come up as a notification popup and what it basically does is check for security updates everyday and

iOS 6 vs. Windows Phone 8 vs. Android 4.0 – How Does It Match Up?

Windows Phone 8, Android 4.0, iOS 6. What would you take? With the Surface and other recent announcements, it just looks like Windows is back on the mobile platform vying for a market share in a place dominated by iOS

Apple’s iPhone 5 Home Page Mock-up Looks Quite Amazing

Rumors of Apple iPhone 5 have been let loose in the wild cyberspace and we’re hearing more than the usual share of rumors which surround any impending Apple event. The iPhone 5 has generated enough buzz to already last quite

How to Get iOS 6 Twitter Widget On iOS 5 Notification Center So Easily!

While the dev community looks deep into iOS 6 for more new features and interesting things like exploits, there are those of us who want to have some of the iOS 6 surprises on our iOS 5. While we earlier

Would iPhone 5 Embrace NFC?

The world of Near-field Communications is fast catching up in the smartphone industry with quite a lot of smartphones from Samsung and HTC embracing the technology. Features and apps like the Wallet (Nokia, Google etc.) use NFC technology for the

iPhone 5 Could be 7.6mm Thin | Possible Leaks of Sketches, a leading mobile phone and accessory retailer in the UK, posted sketches of possible iPhone 5 case and that has somewhat raised the level of confirmation as far as iPhone 5 is concerned. With iPhone 5 launch date rumored

How to Remove Dictation from iPhone 4S!

Voice dictation is an excellent feature on the iOS – iPhne 4S and the new iPad – no doubt, but there are quite a lot of people we meet who say it’s not exactly interesting because they are more comfortable

iOS 6 Battery Life: How Does It Match Up?

Quite a lot of users and developers seem to be quite impressed with iOS 6, although it’s still in beta with a GM release expected in September. With all the hype about 3D Maps, improved Siri, new apps and stuff,

10 Best Free iPad Apps for Web Designers and Developers

iPad, undoubtedly, is a great device that helps the web designers and web developers indulge in a their work in a hassle-free way. Especially with the countless apps available in the market that are tuned to meet the iPad requirements,

How to Transfer Apps to A New iPhone via iCloud

With iCloud enabled, there’s really nothing that you can lose. People have made sure their photos are available on all their devices, they’ve shared documents to the Cloud and also, most importantly, secured their data by uploading it to the

Save iPhone Battery: Carat App For iPhone

Everyone we know has said that the battery performance has come down ever since iOS 5. Apple has not said or done much about it and that’s just the way it has been till now. While a lot of people

Apple, iOS and Security: How Secure Is Your Private Data on iPhone / iPad

Image Credit: With mobile data, security has almost always been a point of contention. Many companies, app developers and manufacturers have faced the wrath of privacy problems and violations. Apple has been no exception to this and has both