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How to Install Installous 5 on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch!

Installous 5 is the recent upgraded version of Installous, one of the most popular Cydia Apps for iOS. Installous lets you choose and download apps that cost you money on iTunes App Store. This is so that you can try

How to Fix Improper Word Corrections in iPhone/iPad: Resetting AutoCorrect

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve laughed reading those AutoCorrect fails spread all over the web. AutoCorrect – both on iOS and on Android – has generated some of the most funny and hilarious fails ever but it

iPhone 5 Pictures

With the recent iLab Factory video showing the iPhone 5 housing, the iPhone 5′s overall design appears to be almost confirmed. While rumors and deliberations on this would go on till the final day when iPhone 5 is finally and

Next-gen iPhone, Now Out of Foxconn Factory Premises?

Everyone seems to be waiting for Apple’s cut above upcoming iPhone. Not only those, who are interested in buying this new iPhone, are biding their time but those who can’t afford to buy this time, are curious to know about

Best iPhone Bluetooth Headsets

Bluetooth Headsets never go out of rage. Taking a walk, driving a car, on the road, eating your dinner: doesn’t matter what the point is, a Bluetooth headset is always helpful. The iPhone 4 / 4S is a fantastic smartphone

Original iPad Prototype Had Kickstands, Wasn’t That Beautiful

We are not sure if this is the “good” aspect of a lawsuit between Apple and Samsung but it sure looks like a treat for eyes that await something “cool”. Like for instance, Apple’s earliest prototypes for iPhone and iPad.

Best iPhone Security Apps – Security Apps for iPhone 4/4S

iPhone security apps are quite useful when you want to secure your iPhone data. This data needn’t necessarily just be apps or the files but also very sensitive information like your credit card data, your email passwords and much much

Tether iPhone 4 Without Jailbreaking

Tethering iPhone 4 Without Jailbreaking has become possible nowadays. If you are looking for how to tether iphone without jailbreak it then follow this step by step guideline to make it happen.

Top 5 iPhone Accessories You Should Possess

Having an iPhone is like holding a small revolutionary device within your palm. Possessing accessories along with this device is like icing on the cake. Once you venture into the market you will find not one but several accessories which

How to Fix – Personal Hotspot Missing in iPhone After iOS Update

Personal Hotspot is a great feature on the iDevices – iPhone and iPad – which enables you to connect a lot of other devices to the internet through your iDevice. This feature is network-specific and has special charges (Verizon brought

iTunes not Showing iPhone? You can Easily Fix It

Is your iPhone not showing in iTunes even after you attach your device to the computer and launch iTunes? Well, don’t panic as you may have clicked on the “Hide” button. So try clicking on the “Show” button in “DEVICES”

Nano SIM Cards for iPhone 5 Are Begun to Accumulate by Europe Based Carriers

Apple Inc. is that leading-edge tech brand which always strives to offer the most advanced technology to worldwide consumers. Though Nano-Sim Cards rumors have been doing rounds since some time but Apple has managed to keep this secret under wraps.

A Fresh Glimpse on iPhone 5 Front Panel Leaked Image

Devices made by Apple Inc. are known for their aesthetic appeal and this is one aspect where Apple always manages to delight its loyal fans. Time is ticking away and it is barely few months when Apple will roll out

PlayAwake Cydia Tweak – Use Your Favorite Song as iPhone Alarm Sound

Most people use their iPhones as an alarm clock. It’s got a good interface, a nice way to set the alarm and it’s pretty simple. There’s only one problem. You have to wake up to a tone that’s something you

Apple May End Up in Selling Whopping 80 Million iPhone 5 Devices

iPhone 5 is undoubtedly grabbing all attention. Where at one side Apple is busy in gearing up for the biggest iPhone5 launch, on another side everyone is just curious and excited to see what Apple has to offer this time.

AnyAttach – Attach any file on your iPhone and iPad As Email Attachment

Want freedom to attach any file on your iPhone and iPad as email attachment? There is a Cydia repo called, AnyAttach that allows you to attach any file on your iPhone and iPad as email attachment.