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iPhone 5 Sets Sales Records in Spite of Flaws

Let me start by saying that even though my opinion may be skewed towards Apple, that does not do anything to change the fact that in spite of all the flaws and complaints about the iPhone 5, this new device

Follow the leader: Apple is the trendsetter of the PC market

Apple is one of the biggest names in electronics today, and that is a fact. People can make fun of the Apple fanboys all they like, but the truth of that matter is that Apple remains at the top of is Now

They say things change for the better. We’re now We’re still the same team of tech-loving Apple fans (despite the recent Maps mishap) who blog about iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch and almost everything that runs on iOS. We value

The Aftermath of the Apple vs. Samsung Patent Case

What is perceived by many as the Tech Trial of the Century is finally over, and once the smoke cleared, it was Apple that ended up with the big victory. Samsung was ordered to pay Apple a whopping amount in

iPhone X Shows Up On T-Mobile UK

T-Mobile UK seems to be quite on the safer side of the spectrum taking no chances at guessing the name of the next-gen iPhone about to be announced in a day. On its website, from a device drop-down menu on

The New iPhone 5 Mini Dock Could Support USB 3.0?

A strange but very detailed post over at AppleInsider takes a look at the possibility of Apple switching to USB 3.0 with the new dock connectors in place. We have been reporting on the mini-dock connectors for a while now

iPhone 5 Release Event Live Updates

Are you getting ready for the iPhone 5 event that’s going to start in another hour or so? We shall post live updates at Apple will be launching the iPhone 5 – most-anticipated gadget of this year – at

iPhone 5 & LTE: Samsung Will Sue if iPhone 5 Has 4G LTE

The iPhone 5 will most likely feature 4G LTE across the US and Europe. There’s a strong possibility that it could be available on 4G LTE for at least a few service providers than just AT&T and Verizon. Some confirmations

All-in YOGA – A Handheld Yoga Coach

Stressed life? Looking for some escape some way of winding down but just can’t find the right avenue for it? Yoga is your perfect solution and All-In YOGA could just be the app that will get you there. This iPhone

iPhone 5 Thickness Compared to iPhone 4S: From up-close

When you talk about the iPhone 5, most of us note the larger display and some geeks will tell you about the smaller dock connector. But what most smartphone users are interested in is the thickness of the new iPhone

iPhone 5 And Global LTE: Report Says It Is Supported

WSJ reports that the iPhone 5 would be arriving with global LTE support. The report doesn’t quote any source as such but it says that “people familiar with the matter” are pretty sure about iPhone 5′s 4G capability across the

No NFC In iPhone 5: It’s Just An Earpiece

A ton of iPhone 5 part leaks have happened over the past few days. The last week was particularly hectic in terms of part leaks and images that kept surfacing ahead of the September 12 event where Apple is expected

iPad Mini Back Panel Images: Real or Fake?

This looks like a fake, as noted by both readers and other moulding experts, but nevertheless, it’s got the “iPad Mini” tag and we’re bound to cover it. posted about a Chinese website releasing what it claimed to be

Discovery Bay Games Raises Capital for iOS Appcessories

After the Apple iPhone was released in 2007 by the late Steve Jobs, the mobile world was clearly rocked and changed forever. The iOS may be just “an iPod Touch with phone capabilities”, as some of Apple’s detractors may have

iPad Mini Prototype Surfaced At IFA 2012

Case makers who look deep into the future and bet on products to design cases for, need prototypes to work with. And so, it was quite natural that iPad Mini prototypes surfaced at the IFA 2012 going on at Berlin.

New iPhone 5 Video Shows Up, with Boot

A new iPhone 5 video surfaced a few hours back and it’s one of the first videos that show the iPhone 5 actually boot up. Of course, it only shows the iTunes screen and there’s no saying if this is