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Glasses, Spiders Pervade iPhone 5 Form Factor Rumors

Whether a result of sheer boredom or the lack of any new actionable rumors regarding the iPhone 5 form factor, we’re being bombarded with crazy, next-generation concepts for how the iPhone 5 could end up not being a handheld device

Data-Crunching Analyst Suggests Repeat Of Apple’s iPhone 4S Upgrade Formula

Asymco blogger Horace Dediu is a number-cruncher and IT commentator who researches and graphically interprets and analyzes various industry metrics. His blog is usually worth a look. An eight-year former employee of Nokia, with a MBA from Harvard Business School,

New 19-Pin Dock Connector To Support Micro USB After All?

Here’s another spin on the rumor that Apple is planning to replace the venerable 30-pin connector port in the new iPhone with a new, more compact 19-pin proprietary dock connector format. xtom at the Italian Melablog site speculates (a tip

Clear iPhone 5 Concept Rehashes Old, Cool, Useless Feature

A slick, new iPhone 5 concept video harkens back to one of the first iPhone 5 mock-ups, which featured a clear, see-through display. While the feature has no practical purpose, it reflects users’ desire for a revolutionary, new iPhone iteration. 

Chip Supploers Gearing Up For Next-Generation iPhone Silicon – Early October Release Probable

Digitimes’ Cage Chao and Steve Shen reported Friday that chipmakers including Qualcomm, Broadcom, STMicroelectronics, NXP, Texas Instruments (TI) and OmniVision have have according to industry sources commenced building up stocks of their silicon components to be used in Apple’s next-generation

“New” Tactile iPhone 5 Touchscreen Rumor Recycles “Haptic Feedback” Patent From 2011

Apple's own patent outlining "haptic feedback." iPhone 5 rumors die hard — and seem to come around and again and again. This time, it’s the “new” tactile iPhone 5 touchscreen. The new story was spurred from a bit of new

WWDC New iPhone No-Show Not A Surprise; September/October Still Looks Likeliest

There is much disappointment being expressed in responses to Michael’s column yesterday about the iPhone 5 WWDC no-show. I have to say I would’ve  been more surprised had there been an iPhone 5 announcement Monday than I am that there

LiquidMetal Revitalizes iPhone 5 Form Factor Rumors Ahead Of WWDC

With less than a week to go before the kick-off of the Worldwide Developers Conference, LiquidMetal is injecting themselves back into Apple and iPhone 5 speculation. Since the advent of iPhone 5 speculation, LiquidMetal has been at the forefront of

A Smidgeon of Truth In Lame Laser Keyboard iPhone 5 Rumor

Bored with its own rumors, the iPhone 5 rumor mill is trying out unfounded rumors that the new iPhone will have a projected laser keyboard. For as lame and improbable as this rumor is, it is not completely unfounded. One

New iPhone Screen Size; Would Bigger Be Unequivocally Better?

Now that a pretty strong consensus is gelling that there will be no iPhone 5 unveiling at the Worldwide Developers Conference next month, focus of speculation has turned once again to issues like what screen size the next iPhone will

A New 5-Inch iPhone 5 Display Rumor – Will 5-Inch Screens Become a New Smartphone Standard?

With the preponderance of speculation claiming that the iPhone 5′s new display will be on the lower end of 4 inches, the big, 5-inch iPhone 5 display rumor persists. With the big, new GS3 screen and the marginal success of

Touchscreen Production Trends Point Toward Fall iPhone 5 Release

More indication that a June iPhone 5 release is increasingly unlikely came late last week in a Digitimes report that Taiwanese Apple OEM suppliers TPK Holding and Wintek are anticipating a 15-20% sequential decline in their shipments of touch panels

Is The “New” iPad 2 Chip A Trial Balloon For The iPhone 5 CPU?

Following its practice with the iPhone, Apple opted to carry over its previous iPad 2 model at a reduced price as a category entry-level offering selling alongside the New iPad with Retina display. However, the “new” iPad 2, which is

Qualcomm Chip Shortage May Suggest June iPhone 5 Release, Not October

Qualcomm’s admission of a production shortfall in their 28-nanometer chips has led analysts and tech pundits to assume that the iPhone 5′s release date will be delayed because of it. Read how Qualcomm’s supply issues may have been caused by

Hurt Feelings At Apple, Twitter Over Instagram Running On Android, Facebook Acquisition

Once crowned “App of the Year,” Instagram has been a major draw for users to onboard to iOS devices. But with Facebook’s $ 1 billion acquisition of the company, as well as its launch onto the Android platform, Apple and

Japanese Panel Makers May Provide Clues To iPhone 5 Production

Production rumors coming out of Asia often provide interesting fodder for the iPhone 5 rumor mill. Read about how an analyst now believes that the iPhone 5‘s touch panel could be manufactured in Japan — not Taiwan. Apple’s famous (and