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Top 25: Ski on Neon

Ski on Neon (Free) by Esoteric Development Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Ski on Neon is currently #1 in the Top 25 Free section in the App Store Yes I know… Ski on Neon is a stripped down clone


  Countdown™ ($ 0.99) Available on iPhone & iPod Touch   Countdown™ is a new app that … counts down to things. Why confuse prospective consumers with punny names that do nothing more than mislead and force a reading of


BirdieBoy (Free) by Jonas Bager Available on iPhone & iPod Touch I confess. The only reason I gave this app a try is because the icon is so dumb it’s funny! A badly drawn bird and a crying kid with


Camera+ ($ 1.99) by tap tap tap Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad I’ll keep this short: Camera+ is probably the best all-around camera app you’re gonna find in the App Store. I’m sure this is old news to a


UFOlocaust (0.99$ ) by Priware Entertainment S.L Available on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad What’s in a name? A tower defense game by any other name would be just as fun to play. Well, UFOlocaust is not the best of the

CamCard (business card reader)

CamCard (business card reader) ($ 6.99) by Intsig Information Co., Ltd. Available on iPhone only When I am not writing reviews for IAR, on a completely voluntary and uncompensated basis mind you, I am in my office, or in court,

My Bird World

My Bird World ($ 2.99) by Five Ravens Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad After downloading apps that promise to teach something and finding their formats neither fun nor particularly memorable, I thought I’d had it with anything containing “educational”

Charadium 2

Charadium II. (free and paid) by On5 games Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Since On5′s first iteration a year ago with We Doodle and Charadium, I’ve been a loyal fan of their game and could absolutely not wait for

What are SOPA and PIPA, and why are they evil?

Hello, and happy SOPA/PIPA Internet Blackout Day! Despite the billions of Facebook statuses about it I just took the time to learn (like 10 minutes ago) what SOPA and PIPA are. If you’re like me and too damn lazy to


Wopple (free) by Panabee Media LLC Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Wopple bills itself as the merging of “America’s most popular TV game show” with “the most popular mobile word game”. I’m taking that to mean it’s a cross

Me Red: The Ultimate Adventure

Me Red: The Ultimate Adventure ($ 0.99) by Playcompass Entertainment Available on iPhone & iPod Touch iOS action games are a dime a dozen. I can only take so many $ 0.99 rehashes of tired concepts before I throw my

Liquor Cabinet

Liquor Cabinet ($ 1.99) by Lavacado Studios Available on iPhone & iPod Touch Every new year I make a promise to myself to drink more, but not being a big drinker I never know what to drink.   I’m always asking

Asteroids 2012

Asteroids 2012 ($ 2.99) by SKAPP Enterprises Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Asteroids is a pioneer video game, classic staple on old arcade boxes and computers. Zoom around in your spaceship, shoot asteroids, and dodge threatening flying particle chunks.


PhotoSync ($ 1.99) by touchbyte GmBH Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad I just made the leap back to Mac after about 13 years of suffering with PCs! Thank you, thank you… please hold your applause. One of the first

Flying Santa Cat

Flying Santa Cat (free) by DAN-BALL Available on iPhone & iPod Touch I love games like this! There’s nothing to learn, no levels to advance through, no rules to think about… just get your weird little Santa Cat to fling

Band Boss

Band Boss ($ 0.99) by Jack Herbert Available on iPhone only Ok… either Band Boss is a really good game, or I’m just incredibly bored! It’s probably a little of both. I mean, I’ve been sitting here for literally 4